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  1. The dud Killie strikers topic

    He was clean through a couple of minutes into his debut (Dundee?) from memory. It could all have been so different!!
  2. Jamie Macdonald

    Jamie sold one today from a corner. It happens. He also defended another fifteen.
  3. Hibs admission update

    Just been. Much easier
  4. Hibs admission update

    Cheers Cammy. Will pick one up at Easter Road.
  5. Hibs admission update

    Last minute decision to go. Can I buy at RP tomorrow morning or only Hibs from 1300 onwards. Alternatively, if anyone is looking to offload a ticket I'll buy it off you.
  6. SPFL Fixtures

    Great opportunity to stack up some early points. Good first month for us.
  7. Bought Kerby yesterday. Got a bit of work travel coming up in August so I'm banking on it to pass a few hours
  8. Higgy

    Should have concentrated on being the player he was, as opposed to trying to be the one he thought he was.
  9. Stream or suggestions for Thursday

    Used to be but restricted now. Down to two (excluding SKY box) i think.
  10. Season Ticket Moan

    Same card gets retained. God only knows what they did. Will need to get it fixed before the weekend.
  11. Season Ticket Moan

    Renewed x3 last week and they got rejected by the wee scanner on Saturday. Queue behind me so embarrassing stuff. Did anyone have a similar issue? Has the rest of this season almost been "voided" in the system and reset for next?
  12. Season Ticket Renewal.

    Trying to renew now online. Myself, U16 and U16 free. When I go to pay it only holds the two paid seats and not the free one. Total mess.
  13. Cult Heroes 90s/2000s

    Calum got stretchered off at Dens one day only to reappear about ten minutes later raring to go Think it was the day Bobby F paid for everyone to go in the main stand due to the weather.
  14. Season Ticket Renewal.

    haha - yip. extra 1 in there!!
  15. Season Ticket Renewal.

    Got told that last years price was unsustainable and only offered because of the 50 years. My youngest is four and doesn't really sit through it. Probably 50 down the drain but I try to value him going to RP. Unfortunately the club don't have similar views.

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