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  1. Is it the players, or the coaches.

    When LM started making his signings last summer, most of us were delighted by the type of player we were getting. Once the season started, we couldn't believe that we were lumbered with guys who looked utterly clueless on the park. The transformation in these players from game 9 onwards has been incredible and that is down to having a management team who know their players, respect their players and coach them to a standard that befits a professional football club. The players have responded fantastically and we can see that they believe in what SC and AD are wanting to achieve. Having a good manager at the helm has made all the difference and it's great for us, after what we've endured for too long.
  2. Top Six Secured

    All credit to the players, who after eight games looked like and had played like condemned men. It's fantastic that we have a group of players who are prepared to listen, fight and give their all for a management team with the stature of Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer. They've proved to us, the gaffer and to themselves that they are a talented bunch of footballers. It's been a fantastic time for all connected with the Club, so a big congratulations to one and all for their achievement
  3. I hope we don't get Newco 'supporters' jumping ship to come glory hunting with Sir Stevie's Blue and White army now that we own them
  4. gers away, Fred

  5. Dons match fred

    Strong team, strong bench. All the best lads
  6. Anonymous red cards

    A stupid wee gimmick? Someone's relation dies and some f**kwit red cards it but that's fine because it's just a 'wee gimmick'. Aye? And that makes anyone who voices their concern about it 'childish'? But you're cool with that because your not 8? Ok fella, that's your opinion and that's fine.
  7. Celtic thread, Fred

    I It's as if he's thinking to himself, 'Time to get rid of Broon and get this Mulumbu chap signed up'!
  8. Anonymous red cards

    Tend to agree. With all the talk of cyber bullying etc. Red cards and whatever undermine someone's viewpoint and who knows what impact that might have on someone who is vulnerable or sensitive. It might also stop them from using the forums and expressing their views on the team that we all support and that is going against all that is good about the forums.
  9. Next Scotland manager

    When you look at Wales appointing the likes of Gary Speed and Chris Coleman and Northern Ireland with O'Neill and the success that these guys have had at International level without the success as a Club manager, it makes you wonder if Scotland should be as bold and appoint a guy with similar credentials. We look as if we're running out of options anyway, so why not?
  10. Greatest goal?...

    That was the one. Was having a total nightmare and then produced that bit of magic and let us all know what he thought of us in his celebration. Brilliant day.
  11. Greatest goal?...

    Robert Reilly at RP against East Fife in the old 2nd division. He'd been getting pelters all game and then scored a cracker.
  12. Bowie praises Clarke

    More positivity. Things have turned around so much recently and long may it continue. Great to hear that SC will be backed in the summer and makes you wonder if there will be further investors involved with the club by that time comes. Well done BB.
  13. Liam Fontaine released by Hibs. Surprised by that, thought he was a decent big centre half.
  14. We have 2 games in hand over most of the teams around us. No need for panic or knee jerk reactions after defeat to one of the better teams in the league. After the start to the season that we had with, basically, the same squad, we are in a strong position to have a competitive run in before the split. Quite sure that SC knows what's required and if his current charges are good enough. In SC we trust.
  15. What are you listening to?

    Classic album. Sent them into the stratosphere. If I remember correctly, it was John Giblin on bass for that album. It was short notice after Derek Forbes got punted. Always felt his bass playing was soft and more jazz orientated. Going back further, if you listen to Empires and Dance through Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call, you'll hear just how good the original drummer (Brian McGee) and the original bassist (Derek Forbes) compliment each other. A powerful combo and the root of all things good for SM.

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