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  1. Hibs hearts

    Rotten game. Wanted hibs to equalise just to get it up Levein who seems to encourage holding onto the ball when it comes into their technical area. The Hibs player didn't even touch him and he was raging
  2. Craig Samson

    Just watching highlights on BBC. why we ever took Samson back is a mystery to me as he's just not a great Goalkeeper, never moves his feet and IMO at fault for at least 2 of the 4 goals yesterday. And to think Jamie Mac sometimes gets pelters
  3. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Ps. Also watched Erwin's penalty with a heavy dose of the fear but he stuck it away perfectly
  4. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Terrible game I thought but glad to get the win. From where I was it looked like theirs was over the line at the end however even at that I'm still glad to finally start getting some luck here and there
  5. Green isn't a colour that suits you McCall

    Read this last night and it irritated me, failure of a coach - biggest mistake he made was shafting falkirk to chase the glory with Dundee Utd. All these jobs in the Championship and Prem with nobody banging on his door wonder why Also based on his logic Power would never have kicked a ball again and look how he's turned out (albeit quite a few people with myself included might have written him off after Somerset) I see he's also ''not convinced'' about Cummings which is a strange one - always thought he's a good player
  6. Gordon Sawyers

    Just to be clear I have no issue with the article. I don't think it's bad at all and don't see why it's offensive or wrong...my point was he was happy to be online spouting his venom and getting all the attention so no sympathy when he indirectly gets a bit of a ribbing now the team is doing well
  7. Gordon Sawyers

    Sawyers was happy with his online celebrity with every new video etc. he enjoyed the attention so I'm sure he'll be more than happy to be the focus of a BBC article.
  8. Alan Power

    That's true. I sometimes wonder if I'm a little harsh on LC but as I say the games I saw under him were absolutely dire...we did play well in the playoff v Falkirk though. All being well though now ! (Ps I did like how he flung the scarf over the police woman in he play off)
  9. Alan Power

    I think he was partly a victim of a tactic that started with AJ, got worse with Locke and then worse again with Lee Clark and persisted with LM (although he was dire at Somerset along with most of the team). Long balls from the defence hoofed direct every time. The games passed midfield by, now we are getting the ball down and trying to pass it we look a far better team. I know people seem to have high opinions of lee Ckark but some of the games I saw under him were the worst style of play I've seen! Loving how our new midfield and style is causing teams so many problems !
  10. Ballboy Yesterday.

    Pretty sure the boy at the bottom right of the Chadwick blatantly ignored the ball when it landed in the stand against Motherwell as well when we were 1 up. Left it to a steward to retrieve it ...Remember thinking he was at it but quite right . They all do it to us
  11. Home Support Saturday

    The wonders of mobile technology not looking like I'll have time might have to "tape it" and avoid the score
  12. Home Support Saturday

    Long time since I've said this (especially for an OF game) but I'm gutted I won't be at the game on Saturday as I'm working. Will try watch it tho...feeling hopeful we can cause them problems as they really aren't very good !
  13. Well Match Day Thread

    Jones was pretty anonymous last week and apparently same on Tues. Glad to see SC continue to alter the team based on performance etc Feeling pretty confident today (usually my first mistake...)
  14. Is Gordon Greer Steve Clarke's agent?

    Jeeso. This is fake news ...he was asked a question and he answered honestly. Don't blame Greer, blame our absolutely horrendous media. Ps. Pretty sure rangers are aware (as are most) of the great start Steve Clarke has made so it's not like it's a huge secret and GG has let the cat out the bag
  15. Super Ally Mitchell

    Knew this was gonna happen already edited it because originally said "celebrating his goal" which I thought might have been misinterpreted as Ally's ....anyway I gave up haha

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