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  1. Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    We ran over the top of them in the first leg as well should have been 2/3 up when they sucker punched us
  2. Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    Correct also I know a lot being made of Clark leaving us in 6th place (mainly by himself) However as things go a quick check shows that with Lee McCullochs second spell he only won 2 games less in 17 fewer games. 8 in 27 as opposed to Clark's 10 wins in 44. Gary Locke...referred to earlier (rightly so) as one of our worst managers in recent times won 11 of 43 games so even he had a better record ! i get that Clark won us the playoff and it was a great day but I firmly believe some folk are taken in by his interviews etc, had he stayed I believe we'd have slid down the table soon enough
  3. Aberdeen Home Massive

    First comment that came to my mind haha
  4. Have we ever

    Kenny Miller exiled twice in one season...proper trouble maker these days. That Club are a joke.
  5. Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    I disagree we were playing good football under LC. I went to a few games and the ball was never less than 20 foot off the ground ...particular low light was a 2-0 defeat to Ross county in a mid week game . Absolute chancer
  6. Who would you like relegated

    I think the teams as always want their cake to eat. They want the 2nd 3rd 4th placed teams to be involved in play off so they have a better chance to come up and get the bigger crowds but then bleat about having more games...if it was to be totally fair just do it 2 legs 2nd v 11th. id like to see Hamilton go , I can't stand them. Don't really have a preference other than that as long as it's not us
  7. Neil Lennon

    I thought Alston should have walked he didn't just clip his heels to stop the attack he took him out the game and in my eyes was reckless. Some save by bell from the last minute free kick
  8. Dons match fred

    still gutted this morning. Didn't think we played very well. The irony in the penalty is the Aberdeen centre halfs wrestling with Boyd all game then he gives the one for may which i still think looks a ridiculous award ...he was not shaping for a scissor kick as willie miller campaigned...useless
  9. Tickets for Tuesday

    Already been unallocated tickets handed out...are they standing then? Plus if they r going to do that then just make it all ticket surely
  10. Tickets for Tuesday

    This is going to be a shambles, As above - how can you advise people to sit ONLY in their allocated seat whilst operating a cash gate which does not allocate a seat??? Don't get me wrong, if as I suspect it goes like the Ayr League Cup game i'll just sit where I can but at the minute it looks like there's going to be chaos with this disorganisation. Just going to try get in early
  11. Tickets for Tuesday

    Problem is at that game fans (myself included) were just told to find a seat and sit in it...with some tickets allocated and some not you're going to have the exact same issues on Tuesday. They should all have been either or, not a mixture
  12. Tickets for Tuesday

    i bought my tickets on Wednesday night there, i saw a post with some saying they had purchased tickets with allocated seats and some with not - does anyone know if it will be sit where you can as is normally the case with these games??
  13. Saints home, Fred

    Really enjoyed the game last night, I know we were up against 10 men for the Majority however I never felt we really had to get out of 2nd gear. I thought Lee Erwin was outstanding again and was delighted when he scored his goal, JJ once again outstanding however needs to watch he doesn't get a reputation as a diver. Pen & Free kick were definite however the one near the end of the first half on east stand side he definitely dived and was lucky WC didn't book him. Tommy Wright's reaction to the fouls was horrendous, not expected from him and possibly just the pressure showing. I thought Alan Power was brilliant again as well All in all a happy journey home last night (again)
  14. Sheep away

    That's good news!
  15. Steve Clarke v Owen Coyle

    We dodged a bullet with all of the people mooted for the job that weren't Steve Clarke I fear what would have happened if any of Coyle, McIntyre or Macpherson got the job. Although without benefit of hindsight i'd have taken Coyle if i'm honest

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