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  1. Dom Thomas

    Johnstone can't even get into the starting lineup at the moment for Dumbarton.....
  2. BT Sport Preview Killie vs Dundee

    "Ah telt ye".....
  3. Dundee thread

    Boyd on for Frizzell ...... GOAL, Greer 64 mins
  4. Dundee thread

    Jones & Waters both booked now.... Frustrating stuff now
  5. Dundee thread

    Scott Allan replaced by Mark O'Hara
  6. 2 Faced Boyd

    Utter garbage.... considering he was doing it long before Kirsten took up her post.
  7. Kris Boyd on Sky

    In that case, get him out the door and someone in who can contribute to the team.....
  8. Line up face Dundee

    MacDonald O'Donnell Greer Findlay Waters Jones Frizzell Hawkshaw Taylor McKenzie Erwin Subs - Bell, Thomas, K.Boyd, Broadfoot, Brophy, Higgins, Smith/Wilson. If Taylor, Frizzell & Hawkshaw can shut down their midfield then we should do ok, they have a fair bit of pace out wide so we will need a big shift from these 3 today.
  9. BT Sport Preview Killie vs Dundee

    I've seen too many false dawn's in the past to be convinced we will win this I'm afraid. I hope I'm wrong but this has a score draw written all over it......
  10. How much could we get for Jones?

    No it's not, at the AGM it was mentioned by both LM & JK he signed a 3 year deal when he joined, so he has next season to go too.
  11. LBGTI fans

    Here's me thinking we were already the Pride of Ayrshire .....
  12. LBGTI fans

    The clubs signed up so far are Aberdeen, Celtic, Hearts, Hibs, Partick Thistle, Rangers, St Johnstone, Dumbarton, Airdrieionans, Albion Rovers, Forfar Athletic, Elgin City and Peterhead.
  13. Stevie Smith - whats the point?

    Maybe not for his footballing ability but just for being Gordon Smith......

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