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  1. The Bickering Bush

    Down at the Bickering Bush.... Na na na na na.
  2. Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    You've only chose 6 subs mate.
  3. Suspensions

    It would appear we have no 1st team suspension nor indeed any outstanding.....
  4. KFCSA POY DANCE 14th april

    I emailed 1965ktid@gmail.com mate on Thursday night, recieved a phone call Friday morning and had them hand delivered to my work on Friday afternoon. I was told they were selling like hot cakes...... Cracking service from the organisers. PS .... It was mentioned in conversation, Willie Watters & big John Burke will be there.
  5. Old RP

    I recall him being known at the time as "Jimmy Hill" lol.
  6. Old RP

    I don't recall @killie1961, sorry mate. Must have had one to many that day lol.
  7. Old RP

    Cheers @Ycfc1922 its been driving me nuts since your original post thinking of his first name lol.
  8. Old RP

    The Loves, Donald, Ian & Robert, who played with Auchinleck Talbot but canny remember the 4th brothers name. Incidentally Ally Love, Roberts son, is the lad who got a 5 match ban from the SFA at Clyde last week.
  9. Old RP

    The bottle neck at the pylon in the East terracing after a game was murder, people pushing & shoving to get out. H&S would shut us down nowadays if that still happened. Changed times indeed
  10. Old RP

    The east enclosure, now the East Stand had a cracking atmosphere, especially Ayrshire Derbies, when the segregation fence was further up towards the halfway line under the roof before it was moved to its position in the photo. That was the main place for the choir. It brings back some fantastic memories tbh
  11. Callum Waters

    By all accounts Morrison's attitude is extremely questionable.
  12. Callum Waters

    This , I was about to post along these lines. Christ we have taken players on loan ourselves in the past from bigger clubs only for them to either play a bit part or some never feature in any matches at all.
  13. Post split fixtures

    I was editing my post to exactly this mate when you posted your thoughts.

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