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  1. Sportsound

  2. History Board

    Who he? Kaiserlautern fan?
  3. Youssouf Mulumbu

    So if you had a say in choice who would you have preferred as WBA manager @baggie192?
  4. Black Friday

  5. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Thanks for your input @baggie192, welcome to the Killie family, I hope all goes well when you get your new manager onboard and WBA get themselves to safety asap.
  6. Striker in January

    From Steve Clarke's comments on signing Youssouf..... “He has worked really hard since he came to us and the deal isn’t financial. - “He’s getting peanuts — he just wants to play and we can give him that opportunity. I was keen to get him secured now because my worry was that we’d get him fit and he’d get offers from someone better than us in January.
  7. TIK T shirts idea

    Personally - Ferguson & Black & Sneddon & McIlroy
  8. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Scott McClymont explains on his personal Twitter the confidimus fingers was indeed staged. It was inspired by Stuart Findlay trying it the other day, so they asked Youssouf to do it and he nailed it 1st time lol.
  9. LBGTI fans

  10. Aberdeen hospitality "deal"

    Those chaps from South A*rshire really don't like us ......
  11. Social Media

    1. Clearly you've failed to read the first question in my post. 2. The missing trust membership badge next to your username tells me your not. 3. You can't really complain of being derided when you use the term "clique" to describe TiK members, now can you? That really smacks of them & us more than anything I've posted. 4. If your so full of good ideas and are serious about seeing Killie survive, lead by example get involved, spread the word & show others how it's done.
  12. Even my cat p!shed himself laughing at this yin......
  13. Obscure stat

    Now that Mulumbu has signed, does anyone else think Taylor's maybe due a wee break before he burns himself out, he's not really had a break in 15 months, being involved with Scotland at Toulon & U21 games during the recent international breaks. Maybe a wee spell on the bench and a rest from 90 mins week in week out football, will do him the world of good for the 2nd half of the season.
  14. Social Media

    Your already aware of TiK & it's goals, would I be correct in saying the current marketing hasn't prompted or excited you to become a member? If TiK implemented your suggestions would it then spur you on to come onboard? Or are you a say'er & not a do'er?
  15. Social Media

    Playing devils advocate...... So why get embroiled in a topic your not interested in becoming party to? Surely if it's of no interest, you should just walk on by and leave discussions between those interested in increasing TiK membership?

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