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  1. Can you think of anything to moan about?

    10 mins has just been added to my Just Eat order.
  2. Hibees fred

    Saw this on Twitter. NL is a complete walloper what he says to the ref is shocking I can only imagine the book will be thrown at him.
  3. I think we all have to agree this is definitely a Carlsberg weekend. If you want to relive a part have a look at this great bit of goal keeping from the scum game.
  4. Kris Boyd Picture Thread

    The picture of his 111th goal celebration is the thing of nightmares. Cracking collection of pics.
  5. What was your first game?

    I think it was. I remember it was right at the end and me and my dad were about to head for the exit in the Johnny Walker end.
  6. What was your first game?

    86 or 87 vs East Fide at Rugby Park. We won 1-0.
  7. Rossco thread

    Bye bye Lee. No way he can survive this
  8. Dundee thread

    This is verging on comical. The build up to their goal. Our two attempts at set plays one leading to a foul for Dundee and the countless long balls to the smallest midfield in the league. Long hard season ahead.
  9. 3G Pitch

    It needs to go. It was supposed to be an advantage but it's clearly not, we used to have one of the best surfaces in the SPL but now we have joke.
  10. SFSA survey

  11. Clyde Match Day Fred

    That picture is going to give me nightmares.
  12. Clint Hill

    I think he would be a good signing and would be excellent with the youth. Be interesting to see how he would cope on the carpet.
  13. MJ NO MORE

    Season ticket renewed. Roll on the new campaign a new era starts today
  14. Hamilton match thread

    If only wee broono, bully and Holt brought their boots instead of doing the half time draw.
  15. Dundee game+MJ

    Instead of the walk out why not stay under the stands until the kick off then walk up singing. But have signs ect telling mj where to go.

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