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  1. Offensive Behaviour at Football Act leaflets

  2. Penalty

    Are you sure about those figures? Pepe Reina didn't get anything for a clean sheet there. At the top level, goal bonuses and specifically assist bonuses are rare. I'm not sure I know of any assist bonuses for players. I'm sure there will be some but they definitely aren't as common as football manager would like you to believe.
  3. Penalty

    Talented player. He had "agent" issues at Hamilton last year so hopefully that's all behind him. The last thing he needs at the moment is an agent making silly demands. Same for all the young boys with talent (Taylor, Jones)
  4. Penalty

    So you agree that your original point about him not having many professional starts was incorrect? 101 games for a 21 year old is good going.
  5. Penalty

    He has started 38 games at my last count. I was being nice by describing your point as "inaccurate"
  6. Penalty

    why would I? Your point about "hardly started" a game is inaccurate.
  7. Penalty

    Brophy has played close to 70 professional games...
  8. Thistle home Fred

    Pelanty of goals! 5-1 now
  9. Clarke Transfer January list

    Over rated and slated the club horrendously over his "illness". put it this way, he's not been welcomed back with open arms over the years ...
  10. Lee McCulloch

    Really nice guy. Couldn't do manager at killie but could do well elsewhere if n future if he fancies it
  11. Exactly this. He offers more than just goals. His game has changed over the years and is our only current forward threat. Hopefully Brophy kicks on but in reality, we are lost without Boyd upfront.
  12. On This Day

    Nice to get a name check 40 seconds into the Dundee highlights
  13. David Templeton

    Potential replacement for Jones? Or should we be looking at better?
  14. The fear

    I'm not sure Clarke can be classed as a Celtic fan. I'm pretty sure St Mirren and Chelsea will be a bit higher up the list. He's probably been to more Killie games than Celtic ones in his life!
  15. Ryan Jack

    the intentional use of excessive force is why he was sent off

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