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  1. Full Squad

    Mulumbu, Tshibola and Power for me.
  2. Callum Waters

    Muirhead and Slater sliding down the leagues. Kiltie unproven.
  3. How do we keep Clarke?

    Would we bring back Allan Johnston? I'd say that's a fair comparison.
  4. Jordan Jones

    Nice of his agent to put the video together
  5. SOD

    Calm down sugar.
  6. How do we keep Clarke?

    The bone of contention (with the fans) is that it's then in the managers own person interest to sell the teams best players.
  7. How do we keep Clarke?

    How did the % of transfer income work out when Dundee Utd tried it with McNamara?
  8. Looks like Motherwell have accidentally published the highlights. Oops!! Watch them quick!
  9. Paul Clarke

    I thought it was funny the part about him going upfront to have a kick at one of the Clydebank players
  10. Aberdeen cup ko time confirmed

    I know 2 who would never go if it was on TV but are going now.
  11. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    As much as I/ we don't want him to go, it would be hard to grudge somebody a move to manage their national team.
  12. Lee Erwin

    Attitude and application is what football at this level is all about. 5% "special talent"
  13. Aaron Tshibola

    2 people on this thread have taken umbrage at the phrase. Why?
  14. Aaron Tshibola

    I can't see how "best of both" could ever be described as racist. Faux outrage at that statement.
  15. Aaron Tshibola

    I'm calling FAKE NEWS on this one.

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