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  1. BT Sport

    There is absolutely no interested (minimal) in Scottish football down south. Throughout varies companies I've worked for in the past 10 years, I am genuinely asked by "proper" football fans what division Kilmarnock are in.
  2. Owen Coyle or Steve Clarke

    We need perspective. We have an extremely difficult run of fixtures coming up and a limited squad at best. Comfortable survival this season followed by a top 6 push next year should be the target.
  3. New Stadium Announcer

    Steve Clarke has a champions league runner up medal.
  4. 150th Anniversary match

    We should be aiming for a bigger club than some 2nd division (soon to be 3rd division the way they are going) German club surely? Man Utd/ Man City/ Chelsea would bring the crowds in.
  5. streaming games for expats

    As you can see from the Partick offer on Saturday, you can provide one offs and make it open to fans of the opposition teams. Doubling the income
  6. streaming games for expats

    100% this is what the club should look to resurrect. There will be a market for live games I'm sure
  7. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    Some excellent videos there from the Killie media team.
  8. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

  9. Offensive Behaviour Football Act

    Celtic are desperate to get other teams support on this to ensure that it isn't only them being targeted. At the same time, they are the main offenders when it comes to fan behaviour thus they are looking for as much assistance to fight this battle. We should stay well out of it. If any killie fan is stupid enough to be boxing at the football or singing sectarian songs then it's their own fault.
  10. Kris Boyd has 112 goals...

  11. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    You say that as if the "atmosphere" in the East stand is something to be proud of. I've heard more songs from the West stand in the past few years than I have the East. Park suite crowd are the atmosphere sadly
  12. Jags away fred

    Power doing quite well. Jones has been excellent.
  13. Jags away fred

    definite 4-4-2 with Frizzell at left mid and Taylor in the middle
  14. Thistle Game stream

    it doesn't show you any options when trying to access the page from a UK IP address. You need to be connected from a foreign country for it to show options
  15. Is it time............

    If you can't get behind the club now then you never will.

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