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  1. Really don't understand the question. Would we play one of our best players against the best teams in the league, just in case we sign him for next season??? Bwuh? Or is it, IF we sign him for next season, would we play him against the smaller teams as his effectiveness seems to be slightly less?
  2. Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    Left the club in a better position tactically, financially and better off in the table than when he arrived. By those measures he was a short-term success.
  3. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    We took 2500 to Hamilton away!!!?? That is absolutely superb!
  4. post split fixtures

    I can't get too down about the post split fixtures as it was immensely unlikely we'd be top 6 as recently as November. No-one expected us to be here, so I'm enjoying messing with whatever min wage intern had to come up with this. I'm delighted we're in the mix to seriously affect the European qualification, and a chance to right the wrong of not beating Hibs or the Dons.
  5. Ignored Users?

    Sweet. Appreciated.
  6. Next season's incoming players...

    Well, we can close this up now, lads. This one won't be topped.
  7. A Thing of Beauty ...

    And that's the main difference for me. All those things mentioned would combine to form a team devoid of ideas and graft and we'd've been lucky to come away with a point from Firhill and other places this season. However, the baseline has completely shifted since SSC has come in. Now, the absolute lowest the team goes is a superb level of effort. It might not be pretty, but it's proving to be very, very effective.
  8. Accies home, Fred

    Total fluke strike, was just putting it back into the danger zone. Very bitty game, no fluency at all. Accies fans have already wound Boydy up, so he's due a goal anyway. Nothing coming off for Brophy and Erwin took his goal very, very well.
  9. Jordan Jones

    4-5m is a pipe dream. A 7 figure sum is realistic. Would be a shame. Here he's guaranteed first team football with a proven top class coach.
  10. Hamilton Home game

    The team kinda writes itself, with obvious replacements for anyone missing for any reason. It's an excellent problem for any head coach to have.
  11. Jamie MacDonald on-message

    And now you want it bursting at the seams? You said you'd be happy with 5000. It's more than that, and getting better. Now you aren't happy with that. Which is it? It's tough to put your hands up and admit you were wrong, I know. But you would be better to just slink out this thread and not post in it anymore rather than continuing to debate a point where your view is embarrassingly false.
  12. Jamie MacDonald on-message

    Previously your issue was that crowds aren't up since SC came in, and this was proved utterly false. Going by the above, your issue now is what people said was the solution to the poor crowds. Feel free to disagree with people's opinions, you can't really prove it one or the other. However, anecdotally, a winning team on the park has contributed greatly to the increase in crowds....so.....dunno how you'd want to take that one. You shift the goalposts whenever you're proved wrong. I hope we win the league next season. I would love to see what your issue with Killie/Killie fans will be then, because we all know it will be something.
  13. Jamie MacDonald on-message

    McLean...what's your angle here? What is it you actually get out of banging this drum? The people you communicate with on here, by and large, attend games. Your ever-present message seems to be for those who aren't or haven't. We get it, we would all love for Motherwell's 30% increase in attendance (which I completely don't believe, by the way) since Sir Steve came in, but it's not realistic. 8 years of mediocrity does not get turned around in 6 months. You are constant. It is about the only positive thing I can think of when describing your 'attendance' on this forum, but it makes me weary. You seem to think if you say something often enough, it becomes truth. You've previously been utterly discredited in the past. I just don't understand why you absolutely have to bring something negative to the current positivity party we're having, just so you can be all 'told you so' if/when something negative eventually happens. Consider this a massive bite for you. Well done. Hope you get many joy joy feelings from it.
  14. Scottish Youth Cup Quarter Final today

    Noticed that as well. On both counts. That's a dry, dry pitch.
  15. Lee McCulloch

    This positivity won't do. What's got into us? Can we not come together and lambast his Old Firm credentials and his inability to motivate a team of, now clearly, decent players? Amazing what making the right decision does for a manager's legacy. He laid the foundations on which the best season in recent years has flourished.

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