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  1. Motherwell away, Fred

    Us v Hibs earlier in the season.
  2. Dundee Highlights

    In his defence, he is clearly limping. You'd think he'd be able to get a bit of a dig in though. Likely trusted his central defenders to deal with the problem. lol
  3. Aaron Tshibola

    You said racist language was used against various players. That, to me and others it seems, implies a certain regularity which you're now denying. Some people are racist, it's a fact. Some of those people will be attending Rugby Park and most of them will likely never shout anything racist 'cause they know it's not acceptable any more. A few still will, it might be fairly mild and get some mutters, but anyone in the 2010s shouting ****** at anyone at the football would be lucky to escape a quick slap and getting ejected. I've sat in the same seat in the East for about 20 years, never heard a thing. I know it happens, of course, but I'd call out anything like it if it happened around me.
  4. Steven Naismith

    I want to preface this by saying that everything considered I'd prefer we play on grass, not turf. However, it really wasn't that long ago that places like Fir Park was essentially a sand pit. Rugby Park always had one of the best grass surfaces in the top flight, due to the outstanding groundsman work. It's very difficult to maintain an excellent playing surface, especially in West of Scotland weather at times (doesn't have to be Russia-esque conditions). It's the consistency that trumps every negative for me. That pitch plays the same from August to May. Your game plan doesn't change, or have to accommodate, as much of the conditions as it previous did. And don't get me started on your 'unsightly' criticism. If you're watching football and get upset at how 'unsightly' the little black pellets are, you're watching football wrong.
  5. We Did It!

    Back when I wanted to sign up, a paper form was required. I got the forms, filled them out, but then sat on them for a while. Eventually got lost. Can't think of any reason why I never got back round to it. Saw there is an online sign up option, and done.
  6. Mulumbu

    It is beyond the realms of imagination that we would be here, at this moment, talking in such excited, positive terms on this topic when you consider 3 months ago. Astonishing. This is surely the 'modern' equivalent of the whole Tommy Burns era? I'm too young to remember those times, but by everything I've read the community and club came together and really pushed things forward. There hasn't been anything but positive news out of Killie for the last two months!
  7. Steve Clarke Article

    Would disagree. If the method of your communication is wholly written, it needs to be pretty much spot on. Any slack in grammar, syntax, spelling etc lessens the impact of your article. Not harsh, just true.
  8. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Blows my mind. He's been their best manager in freakin' ages. They'll not get anyone better ever again, likely. Still bleating on about how they're a big team and genuine contenders for the title. They aren't. Wasn't that long ago they got unbelievably horsed by Celtic 9-0. They need to understand that all they are currently is best of the rest. And that's all they ever will be.
  9. Greg Taylor under intense scrutiny

    Who would win in a foot race between Steven Thompson and Kris Boyd? The oft-posed physics question of what happens when an immobile object meets another immobile object...
  10. Brora Prices

    Completely unrelated, but you're the second person I've seen recently that types with a space prior to a sentence's ending punctuation mark. Can I ask if you were taught this, or picked it up from somewhere? It's really weird to see.
  11. I rate Frizzell, but I'm curious what games you've watched where he's demonstrated this natural, gifted ability? I haven't seen them.
  12. is the "we are Killie" song unacceptable

    The song isn't racist, the implication isn't racist. If someone people are desperate to get offended on behalf of other people they could twist it so they take it as racist, good on them. They're outing themselves by applying racist context where literally none exist. The counter 'argument' that this isn't how it works in the real world doesn't wash. There's no such thing as racist language, context is everything. It's pretty well known in Scotland that 'black' means (or used to mean) dirty. In a Killie/Ayr specific context it's the colour of the strips. It has never meant colour of skin, it doesn't now regardless of what some people may think.
  13. Psychology and perception

    For all the results against the Old Firm over the years, the simple fact is that money talks. They have it (relatively speaking) and us wee diddy teams don't. For every Leicester that happens, and it still blows my mind they won the league, there are thousands where the more expensive team came out on top. Now, we influence individual games to an extent and I'll never hide behind the excuse that they're better players simply because of fees/salary, but teams get beat mostly because they're not as good as the other team. Rangers are where they are, Dundee levels of competence, purely through years of utter financial mismanagement. This sounds all fairly defeatist, but I'm actually really positively minded most of the time.
  14. Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    Can we get some kind of sub-forum where you lot can just sleep with each other and get it over with? Proper fed up with you stinking every thread you appear in. Is there any word of an investigation into Accies reasons for the call off?
  15. AGM

    This man is currently doing absolutely no wrong. Long may it continue. This next couple of years has the potential to define the next decade of the club - a reasonable level of success on the pitch (top 6 would be amazing, maybe a wee cup run or two), some youth coming through and being sold on to greater things and total club/board engagement with the fans. We are the cusp of something really, really good. Exciting times!
  16. Bring in Jones for Burke, play him right and Brophy left. Three in midfield same as Motherwell game. Strong centre of the pitch with Brophy and Jones as outballs sitting in behind their full backs pushing them backwards. Without the width they provide, service to the front men should be limited. Defence needs to be strong for this game. Reckon a controversial decision could swing it either way.
  17. Boydie Predicts?

    As much as Boyd draws criticism from Killie fans for some media comments, and rightly so in some cases, this isn't one of them, I think. He's right, as much as we might not want to hear it. If Clark(e) does well with Killie, he'll be off to a bigger club. Swap Clark(e) with any other employee of this club and the statement still rings true. We long for pundits and the like in the media to tell it like it is and not just come out with inane soundbites, then decry someone for actually doing it. We can't have our cake and eat it.
  18. Birthday mentions etc v Motherwell

    Me. 35 years old.
  19. Motherwell Match

    Something something team needing a result something something playing Killie etc
  20. Goals Yesterday

    I we on the spfl youTube site. Difficult to watch any bbc content while overseas.
  21. Goals Yesterday

    The standard of highlights is awful. Why are the videos 2mins 20 seconds long, regardless of actual content? No commentary either. Lackluster and pitiful all round really. Except the result.
  22. Thistle home Fred

    Are these online anywhere?
  23. Thistle home Fred

    I'm in Jamaica. Anyone know of a way to listen to this game? BBC can't broadcast worldwide, so the main website is a no go.
  24. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Has there been a season like this one in our living memory? Early season optimism, followed by a rut of epic proportions and extreme negativity, immediately followed by such an swell of overwhelming positivity? This signing is absolutely ridiculous on paper. Just nuts. If he's a fraction of the calibre of how he used to be, he's still top 3 midfielders in the league.

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