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  1. Scottish Youth Cup Quarter Final today

    Have to say the game was good entertainment. Indiscipline cost Motherwell dearly. Both red cards were second yellows and appeared to be for comments made to ref. Craigen compounded this as he was sent to the stand as he appeared to be determined to have the last word. Our boys need to be congratulated after the final whistle as a Motherwell appeared to want a few 'afters'. Craigen just could not resist having another go at the ref as they headed up the tunnel. As I said good entertainment and all for free.
  2. Pitch

    That grass pitch at Parkhead must have been a 'leveller' when we came away with a draw...
  3. On This Day

    Many thanks for this CB. Great watch for those of us who weren't there although I did get a blow by blow account when my son got back home buzzin from the game. For your time and effort my grateful thanks.
  4. Songs

    Or perhaps something to do with the men and boys who came out of the coal mines after a long shift. A colloquial saying to describe ingrained coal dust rather than anything racist. Alas, we live in times where the evolution of language has changed to such an extent that original meanings have become obscure. I am f a generation where the word gay simply meant being happy with no other connotations or meanings. and...Trojan76 got in before me.
  5. Jamie Macdonald

    I'm afraid I cannot remember the source but recall an interesting quote that comes to mind after reading this thread. "What purpose does tolerance serve toward others if you are convinced that you are right whilst those who disagree with you are wrong? That isn't tolerance but condescension." Just for the record, I would take the view that stats are a useful factual tool. However, I am always wary of their interpretation.
  6. 4339?

    Has he? I think of of our club motto Confidemus. Trust, like anything in life is often earned. Once that trust is lost, it can take some considerable time for that trust to be regained if at all. When this is allied to performance on the park as well as the boardroom it is hardly surprising that many people put up with the debacle f the previous few years then decided enough was enough. You can tick all the boxes you want, but this has to be seen as the start of the process in regaining the trust and loyalty of the fan base, not the end point. The damage that was done over years will also take years to repair. I suspect McLean07 is aware of this but rather enjoys pushing a few buttons that is often the part of decent debate.
  7. Social Media

    As an older user of these forums, i must confess that it takes me some time just to get to grips with this forum. My son tells me that face book isn't really the first choice for many of his friends anymore and neither is twitter. Whilst I would accept that social media can be a useful means of communication, there are still a number of us who are reluctant to use it for a variety of reasons. Personally, I still think the old fashioned method of flyers being handed out at home matches and perhaps postal drops but accept these might be prohibitive with regard to cost. Perhaps setting up a stall in the town centre might be a way forward? As an oldie, I would also venture to suggest that much of the social media creates a sense of immediacy but can be forgotten just as quickly unless there is some kind of 'gimmick' that is used to encourage folks to share the message.
  8. Boyd on mental health

    Kris Boyd, like many high profile figures, has done extremely well in raising the issue of mental health. In particular, the consequences of males living in a culture where you don't talk about such things as it can be perceived as a weakness. IMHO, I think it is also prudent to point out that bereavement also has the potential to create mental health issues. Over the years, I have officiated many funerals and witnessed too often the wide and varied ways that family and friends deal with a loved one. Our culture tends to treat thos who are grieving with care and compassion in the days and weeks immediately following the death and funeral. Alas, our culture dictates that we get on and are expected to have 'got over it'. Rather than being allowed to talk about our loss, it is then internalised and this is when mental health issues have the potential to arise. in both psychological and psychiatric terms, it can take at least a year, but often longer, before someone can come to terms with the grieving process. When a grieving person reads or hears about someone who has died in similar circumstances to the loved one you have lost, then it should be no surprise that fairly raw emotions are not far below the surface of any individual who appears to be 'coping'. This can be even more pronounced on high profile individuals. In this regard, Kris Boyd is no different from anyone else. Like other posters on here, I applaud Kris Boyd for his willingness to talk about mental health and more of us are willing to to do the same.
  9. Alan Power

    My son in law happens to be called Alan Power. He has just sent me a text to complain about the number of Killie fans who have made "friend requests". I just replied that it was his Warhol moment and just enjoy the reflected glory at being associated with the mighty Ayrshire Killie...
  10. Leonard Cohen RIP

    Died today at the age of 82. Too many of my musical heroes have now gone to the great gig in the sky.
  11. Protest tomorrow

    IIRC I'm sure the KFCSA are tied in some way to supporting KilmarnockFC. If my recollection is correct, then a protest is against the club secretary and the harm he is causing Kilmarnock FC, not against the club itself. Therefore, any protest against an individual in itself is not against the KFCSA constitution. If I am wrong I am happy to stand corrected, otherwise, like others have stated, I have to question why the supporters organisation is not taking a lead role in a more high profile protest against the individual who is damaging the very club they are constituted to support.
  12. Michael Johnston faces showdown board meeting

    I believe it was Burke who said that "the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." History is littered with examples where a variety of strategies can and have been employed to persuade those who have the power to make the changes required to defeat "evil". We can choose to nothing whilst criticising those who attempt to affect change as perhaps being a waste of energy, then the outcome is inevitable. Then again, we can choose to support where we can, the attempts to apply pressure on those with the capacity and power to affect change that just might mean that we continue to have a club that we all want to support.
  13. Blue & Yellow Protest Scarves

    The scarf is a gesture and I am happy to support this. Not everyone can get involved in the many tactics already suggested on this forum. Nonetheless, I would suggest that the scarves, as a gesture, would add to a cumulative effect that contributes to the overall goal of seeing the individual gone.
  14. Ann Budge too many clubs in Scotland

    It might be worth putting her comments in context as she was talking about the voting systems for change and the number of clubs required to see through change. She gave the example of a valid idea that could be approved by 41 clubs and 1 rejecting. Thus, the proposed change falls because of one club. She then went on to suggest that that there were too many clubs in Scotland that had different needs and it was this that was damaging when it came to voting for change. She identified full time clubs and part time and was asked how many clubs she thought there should be. She responded by suggesting that she wasn't sure but probably about 20 - 24 that would roughly be in line with the full time and part time status.
  15. Gordon Parks touches a nerve

    Gordon Parks? Who is he? Somebody must have told him as a wind up that his opinion mattered.

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