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  1. Sir John Orr

    R I P to another Killie supporter.
  2. Mulumbu targets top 4

    (((be it a shot or a pass. He is always so far ahead of everyone. This happened multiple times in the Well game, and it occasionally happens at home too.))) The same applied to Tommy Burns when he joined the club they are a yard ahead in there vision of some of the players round about them.That is what defines them as top class from the other players.
  3. Paul Clarke

    A great interview. Well worth the listening too.
  4. Alex McLeish

    I dont disagree with you for our Country's football sake But at least it leaves us with the better manager
  5. Strength in depth

    Not just that but by also stating that he was happy with the way the players were responding to what he asked them to do must have boosted there confidence. Instead of the scatter gun approach trying to bring in a load of players and having them wondering if they have a future at the club.
  6. Alex McLeish

    Good I dont relay care the SFA are a mess too many protecting there own interests . But It leaves us with Clarke.
  7. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Two late for that. Afraid the yolk is already on them.
  8. Steven Naismith

    Playing for Killie again. I thought that would be self explanatory.
  9. Fat Ally

    We talk about bigots with the OF. And we have people on here describing ex-players as Huns. Pot and kettle springs to mind. I hope he gets a good reception as all ex-players should.
  10. Matchdays

    At the moment when i can have a drink before and post match its the Brass. I would consider the SB if it was better.
  11. Steven Naismith

    He did not come back to us. End of story. His loss at the moment not ours.
  12. A Tactical Analysis of Killie 1-0 Celtic

    There,s Feck all between his lugs to explode.
  13. Investment

    McLean07. MJ still having shares till 2019 is a factor. Why would anybody invest there money. When it has the potential to improve MJs dividend.
  14. Scott Brown

    Brown has no class.And never will have. What did he expect the Killie players to be sad at winning a game. Or are we just expected to bow down and be great full that we were on the same pitch as them and except the inevitable and get beat. If he was 1/2 as good as Mulumbu he might have some respect for others.

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