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  1. Youssouf Mulumbu

    SC stated in his interview that he had a slight injury, he was giving him a few extra days with the midweek game in mind. Now that this is cancelled he said that their should be no problem for the Aberdeen game.
  2. Steven Naismith

    Unless the talk of new investment is more than speculation I will be surprised if SC and BB will risk putting the club in a poor financial position to sign 1 player. I loved SN when he was here but believe SC will make the necessary signings to ensure we continue our progress.
  3. Can't remember his first name for sure but I think it is Laurie McKinna now a manager in Australia. Andy King Galston
  4. Jamie Macdonald

    Can anyone tell me what has happened to Devlin McKay ?
  5. Kilmarnock axe player

    Surely we need an experienced keeper as back up. Look how Hibs and Motherwell have been left scratching about for a keeper due to injuries.
  6. AGM

    A friend who is a lawyer with another Ayr Company, (who is certainly no fan of MJ) has stated on numerous occasions that our legal fees seem less than he would have expected.
  7. The Pitch

    With the rain we have had this year both Celtic Park and surprise Tynecastle are already getting critisism which will get worse as we get further into the winter.
  8. Sound System

    Was ok at half time. A loose wire perhaps
  9. Sound System

    Walking to the match on Tuesday night it was great to hear the new announcer giving clear, and enthusiastic comments. Unfortunately on entering the Frank Beattie stand he could not be heard, even when he was standing in front of the stand. At half time the system seemed to be working, however when the size of crowd etc. was announced near the end of the game we were unable to hear it.
  10. Contacts

    Like all Killie fans I am amazed we have been able to get someone of SC's experience as our manager. Having studied their careers it struck me that between the manager and the assistant they have been involved with 21 clubs either as players, coaches, assistant managers or managers. This covers clubs from the very top of the premiership rights through the English leagues into the non league clubs, where players like Vardy were found. Just think of the contacts they must have built up over the years. I cant wait till January when I am sure we will see some signings either as loanees or permanent who will improve us as a team
  11. 3G Pitch

    I hope we can now get rid of the negativity re the pitch. When asked about the pitch SC said its there and it should be an advantage to us, so lets find a way to make it a benefit. BB has stated that it will be replaced when our new 2.5 million training centre is up and running, (hopefully in 18 months). Why wait until then ? What kind of PR would the club get if we were to rip it up sooner thus denying 600 kids who use it every week training facilities. A PR DISASTER.... SC new what kind of pitch we had and has stated he will work to ensure he can put a team on the park that will benefit from it.
  12. Internationists

    Could this years squad be creating a new record. 5 Full internationalists, 3 under 21's, 4 under 20's, and 2 under 19's plus a few others at younger ages?
  13. Cammy Bell

    I think you will find all teams need 3 keepers. If McDonald gets injured we would only have Devlin and young Lyle.
  14. v Dumbarton (h)

    When did we last win 3 home games on the trot?
  15. Gordon Greer

    Friend who is generally in the know came over just before the start of the second half to say the deal was done.

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