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  1. Charlies PaPa

    Season tickets

    Moffat stand brings in approx £100,000 for every old firm game. Surely we want to provide SC with as much money as possible to strengthen the team.
  2. Charlies PaPa

    Stephen O'Donnell & Steve Clarke

    SOD would fit in perfectly in mCleish's back 5
  3. Charlies PaPa

    post split fixtures

    Totally agree, this would kill off the conspiracy claims of fixing the games to suit certain teams. Should also be applied to the bottom six.
  4. Charlies PaPa

    Next season's incoming players...

    WE may also have 2 sign some new fringe players or "development players" if Waters, Spencer and one or two others are released
  5. Charlies PaPa

    Scottish Youth Cup Quarter Final today

    Motherwell boys were much bigger and stronger throughout the team. Looked on average much older too. Well done the boys.
  6. Charlies PaPa

    Loan players

    Dom Thomas played for 90 min. in QOS win at tannadice
  7. Charlies PaPa


    How things change, in Sept. we would have given the majority of the team away free. Now we have a large number of players who potentially would command a substantial fee.
  8. Charlies PaPa

    Hibees fred

    All credit to Jim Drennan our security advisor for quietly stepping between NL and the ref and preventing an even bigger problem.
  9. Charlies PaPa

    Hibees fred

    JJ was at his frustrating best once again. For both Hibs goals we were attacking in their half and he gave away the ball giving the opportunity to break quickly, you all know the result. For the rest of the first half he regularly either lost the ball gave the ball away or sent in a useless cross. 2nd half he certainly improved and what a cracker he scored.
  10. Charlies PaPa

    Alex McLeish

    McLeish's record is better than any other Scottish manager in the past 20 years
  11. Charlies PaPa

    Dundee match thread

    We commented on Sat. that Erwin looked much slimmer, all credit to the boy and the management team for the work done. Hope he keeps this up.
  12. Charlies PaPa


    3500 @ £ 22 = £77,00, 4,000 @ £15 = £60,000, whilst I agree with the suggestions of kids for a £! or free tickets for schools etc. our missing Adult fans have shown no indication that they are making any effort to support the club at a time when the manager and the team have us at our highest point for many years.
  13. Charlies PaPa

    Youssouf Mulumbu

    SC stated in his interview that he had a slight injury, he was giving him a few extra days with the midweek game in mind. Now that this is cancelled he said that their should be no problem for the Aberdeen game.
  14. Charlies PaPa

    Steven Naismith

    Unless the talk of new investment is more than speculation I will be surprised if SC and BB will risk putting the club in a poor financial position to sign 1 player. I loved SN when he was here but believe SC will make the necessary signings to ensure we continue our progress.
  15. Can't remember his first name for sure but I think it is Laurie McKinna now a manager in Australia. Andy King Galston

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