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  1. Season tickets

    Personal choice to purchase a season ticket but my understanding of it is that the majority of us long term s/t holders will still buy one as we believe that by doing so will give Steve Clarke more financial leeway in the transfer window .If there is an increase this year I don't think we can complain too much after having decent pricing for the past few seasons!
  2. Let's be realistic

    Of course all true Killie fans would like to hope/dream that our wee Ayrshire team could achieve as high a league position as possible but let's be honest that this season we would all have accepted not being in the dreaded play off spot and because we have done that and much more we are now being a tad greedy I for one am totally happy with our wonderful season and looking forward to next seasons journey!!!
  3. Fasan your Seatbelts

  4. Fasan your Seatbelts

    Can't help but wonder how red hot today's Aberdeen game thread would have been if Jamie Mac had been in goals and lost the first goal yesterday ?
  5. Sheep home, Fred

    Wonder what our resident goalkeeping expert thought of the goalkeeping display yesterday?
  6. Sheep home, Fred

    I've read every comment on this thread from page one and in my unbiased opinion I cannot understand some posters point of view sure we got beaten but let's give ALL our players a bit of credit and stop this mud slinging did we not hear our managers or indeed the oppositions managers assessment of the game on the radio on the way home let's just accept a bad day at the office lads and remember we are Killie ffs!!!
  7. Jordan jones

    Badly missed today along with Rory and Mulumbu!
  8. Aberdeen game

    Wouldn't it be poetic justice if we won with a boydie penalty!!!
  9. Or maybe he would take the Chelsea job or the Spurs job or any other decent job backing in English football nearer to where his family are rather than Celtic so maybe by using this logic I must be delusional then?
  10. Rory McKenzie

    Blow for Rory as he was playing well recently but as has been said hopefully he will come back fit and raring to go next season!
  11. Season tickets

    Ah yes those were the days of Anne Clark and her glamorous assistants it was a pleasure to wait in the queue for your ticket!!
  12. Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    You forgot to mention at the first opportunity to bale out on us he grabbed it with both hands to go to er bury! That showed his true level of commitment to our cause did it not? Anyway once again a massive thanks to him for that because as has been said look where we are now .We can surely flle under gone and definitely forgotten !!
  13. Jones or Mulumbu?

    I would say we would miss an on form JJ more than YM but I have this horrible feeling we may have to do without both of them next season hope I am wrong but in today's football we all know money talks!
  14. Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    No thank you very much hope he keeps well away and doesn't darken our doorstep though I will concede he did give us coulibaly and JJ and managed to beat Falkirk but his ' I will give you a team to be proud of ' speech please pass the sick bag!
  15. Taylor

    Brilliant news don't want this season to end now and here's hoping the rumours about JJ are true!!!

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