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  1. Aberdeen cup ko time confirmed

    Found it now. Bus booked also. Def confirmed
  2. Aberdeen cup ko time confirmed

    Haven't seen it reported anywhere
  3. Dundee @ RP

    Jones not available
  4. Hun/Fenian

    I use HUNS & TIMS to my o/f friends. It's not too offensive. I have never got a sore face yet. Banter.
  5. Chadwick bogs

    Phil mc cavity was next in line
  6. Greatest goal?...

    Dargo goal in league cup semi v st midden was a peach
  7. We Did It!

    Things can't get any better just now. Awesome news.
  8. BBC sport says its 23-00 on wed for eng & Scot
  9. Where are all of the Killie fans based?

    From kilmaurs now Kilmarnock
  10. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    And got a very dodgy pen at Clyde to see us through, just saying.
  11. Message for Jordon

    Right this is my proposal - I'll give you an all seater stadium - a full time team - top league football - I'll get you back into Europe - and I'll sack my brother if I have to. AYE ALRIGHT BOBBY !
  12. Best memories of 2017

    DO WE REALLY HAVE STEVE CLARKE,the one who was at Chelsea , Liverpool,Newcastle , West Ham ,west brom,?? No , surely it was a dream! Still canny believe it. I wake up each morning thinking we got gus and still have 3 points .
  13. The dud Killie strikers topic

    Ricky sharp
  14. One dug in a zoo----------. That's a s**t zoo

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