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  1. Lennon on SC and AD

    Nice comments but his tune will change as soon as we beat them
  2. Brendan

    With the difference in playing budgets, winning every game domestically should be the norm for them. Brendan has been found out by better coaches. I also think he has players in his team who don't want to be there anymore.
  3. Trump latest

    Maybe I am being too hopeful but something feels different about this one. I think Millennials in the US are as politically engaged as they have ever been and many of these kids in Florida will be of voting age come 2020, this makes me think Trump/Republicans are in trouble. As for NRA, they will always back the Republican candidate. I'll never understand Democrats trying to pander to them
  4. Pat Nevin on Killie resurgence

    One of, if not the, best pundits on TV. Knows his stuff, doesn't hit out with nonsense patter
  5. Coulibaly

    And rightly so, he's been found out as a liar in this whole episode
  6. Trump latest

    Quite incredible that they have got to this place. Have to say though, I think this will lose him a lot of support in States like Florida. All it will take is for the Democrats to have a credible plan to tackle the issue and they could sweep the house imo. The ads write themselves, Trump accepted around $30million in donations from the NRA, he is bought on this issue and any decision he makes will be in their interests and no one elses
  7. PMQs

    edited!!!! Also, good to know you agree with her. Confirmation of where you're coming from
  8. Elise Christie

    Have a beer
  9. Brendan Cox

    It can be hard to tell with your comments sometimes.
  10. Brendan Cox

    Clearly common sense is out the window with you if you honestly think men are subject to scandal for saying hello to a woman.
  11. Mulumbu targets top 4

    I am loving that the kickback forums have us discussing the possiblity of European football!
  12. How do we keep Clarke?

    I'm not sure what the issue with this question is, the better Clarke does, the more interest he will get from down south. I'd like to see us offer him a long term contract at the end of the season. 5 years, see what happens
  13. £10,000 for everyone under 55

    Universal Basic Income is a matter of time. Tories can fight it, but automation will cost a lot of jobs. Glad Scotland is leading the way with trialing it. Ontario has also been trialing it in lower income parts of the Province since November
  14. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    If Clarke was approached and he turned it down to stay with us, then I love him even more.
  15. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    As sad as this is, I agree. Years of lazy appointments, picking players based on if they play for the old firm or not, failing time and again to qualify for anything, and nothing being done about it.

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