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  1. Scores tonight

    Can live with Thistle winning as I'm looking at catching the teams above us rather than worrying about the teams below us catching us. Feels weird
  2. Who will be here next season?

    Mulumbu - keep Burke - release MacDonald - release K. Boyd - release S. Boyd - release McKenzie - keep Greer - keep Samizadeh - release Spencer - release Hawkshaw - keep Kiltie - keep but don't rush him
  3. US Politics Thread

    Huge riddy for Trump. Scary reading some of the exit polls. 4% of Roy Moore's voters said they believed the sexual misconduct allegations, but still voted for him! Trump and his supporters doing mental gymnastics to try and explain the result has been fun
  4. County away Fred

    Ross County are as bad at holding results than Brian is holding his booze
  5. County away Fred

    I Love being a Killie fan
  6. County away Fred

    2 goals down and 2 injuries in the first half. One of those games
  7. County away Fred

    When did County sign Eagles?! Great signing for them, even at 32
  8. County away Fred

    I love being a Killie fan
  9. Celebrity Deaths 2018

    George Bush Sr
  10. Fancy that!

    The Hibs keeper is the best in the league in my opinion, by a good margin. Jamie, sadly, isn't in the top 6.

    Stephen Clark?
  12. Overpopulation

    Guess it depends on where you are and what you need. On Bute I always got appointments the day I asked for them. Specialists I'd be waiting up to 6 weeks. I think any place area that has stretched services can blame budgetary constraints more than anything, the NHS is being underfunded. Still better than Canada's though
  13. If someone asked me to draw a picture of an Ayrshire Hun, I'd draw Kris Boyd. Sooner he is gone, the better
  14. Psychology

  15. Cathro v Levein

    but but but but he's no played the gemm, he jist likes playing playstation!

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