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  1. Owen Coyle or Steve Clarke

    Owen Coyle is nowhere near the standard of Clarke imo. How he has managed to coach at the level he did for so long I'll never understand
  2. streaming games for expats

    I would 100% pay for a streaming service. Would be great
  3. Scottish Labour (trying) to return to their roots

    Labour are a f**king mess
  4. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    Looks like they've cut back on lightbulbs to help pay for Clarke
  5. Offensive Behaviour Football Act

    If they let kids do that now there wouldn't be depression. Bring back the British Empire
  6. Free Transfers

    Would be very surprised if Clarke was able to bring in a player worth signing who still hasn't found a club 3 months into the season.
  7. Is it time............

    Taking a look at the website and buying some merch to wear with pride in Toronto. Fullkit w****r right here
  8. Next Manager Thread

    Can I be the first to say 'He'll no dae'
  9. Next Manager Thread

    you're a jobby fiend today
  10. Next Manager Thread

    59 pages in and we have a video of someone playing the banjo. Well done everyone
  11. Next Manager Thread

    Is it Jugz Mcgee who also thinks Clarke will be announced DoF?
  12. Next Manager Thread

    Let's not worry about the small details of it being an away game....
  13. Next Manager Thread

    Half time they will announce it. The announcer will walk Stevie out covering his face with a clipboard before pulling it back to reveal his face. Excitement on a budget
  14. Next Manager Thread

    See if it's Gus by the way
  15. Thought for the Day

    Fair point. I agree it needs to be maintained a lot better than it currently is. Perhaps it simply isn't manageable for the ground staff. If that's the case then get rid. I still believe artificial surfaces are the future of the game in Scotland

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