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  1. Season tickets

    Wonder if the st roll out includes contacting existing holders directly bearing in mind short timescale for first early bird offer for those oldies not on social media . Btw i think increase is very reasonable
  2. Erwin

    Anybody heard how bad his injury was yesterday getting treated at full time. Noticed as i was trying to calm down after Logans antics
  3. Taylor

    Absolutely fantastic
  4. Second Place?

    Spot on . I cannot wait to also see SC improve us over the summer
  5. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Never saw her Scott
  6. Gave it to big Kirk but agree between him and Stuart
  7. Thistle Away 7th April

    Ok mate will be there as well .
  8. Thistle Away 7th April

    Sorry misread poster killie JAD as someone else. Ill get my hat and coat lol
  9. Thistle Away 7th April

    U going mate if so see you there ktid
  10. Rory signs till 2020

    Again great news. Rory is another player that has improved no end since steve clarke took over. I love this drip feed of good news
  11. Custom scarfs

    Just how i like em
  12. Power

    Im struggling with all these positives . Just not use to it but im loving it
  13. QTS

    Aye watching that mince tonight
  14. QTS

    These really are good times ktid
  15. Greg Kiltie

    Great news. Also 2 year deal must mean club feels injury problems in past.

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