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  1. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    It would be good if Steve had a Greta Garbo moment and told the media I want to be left alone (to manage Kilmarnock!)
  2. What if SSC just wants to stay?

    Someone needs to tell Peter and roughie he is staying next topic is Steve Clarke for rangers zzzzzzz
  3. What if the worst was to happen?

    Listened to sportssound today and sick young at it again joking about the rangers tapping SC then saying they should be going through the proper channels to land him in summer and of course repeating the Rodgers to arenal SC to Celtic How many times are these arses going to come out with this say it once not effing once every day Most of Of fans o know also coming out with this crap it is becoming boring Pies off the lot of you and !let us enjoy this! Rant over!
  4. Signed Calendar 2017

    Can you let me know your mum's address and I will arrange for Theresa to pick it up Cheers David
  5. But life moves on...

  6. Marie Osmond

    Sir Steve is the God and Marie is the Goddess!
  7. Clarke manager of the season so far

    Ha Ha my dad gets the paper. It's funny on these boards because it would be difficult to find a newspaper that didn't cause offence to someone for whatever reason!
  8. Clarke manager of the season so far

    Full page interview with Kirsten in today's Daily Mail under the banner of Steve Clarke is our special one. Hugely positive piece but Stephen McGowan the journalist just couldn't help himself by including the inevitable link of a move to one of the twisted sisters (work that one out!)
  9. Happy new year

    Happy new year to all killie fans for once wish there wasn't a break with the momentum we have just now but looking forward to the next two home games roll on the 20th and 24th!
  10. Signed Calendar 2017

    Does anyone have a signed calendar 2017 that they are not intending to keep. First year was unable to get one and would like to keep collection intact. Would make a donation to TIK.
  11. Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    I had train ticket refunded at Glasgow Central after a Killie home game was postponed don't know if that is still the case. '
  12. Merry Christmas

    In Benidorm for Christmas and flew over during sevco game knew we were one down at it and did not expect anything possibly a draw was ecstatic when I got a text from home saying we won 2 _1 thought it was a wind up! Steve Clarke is the gift that keeps on giving! Tom English what's the point of Kilmarnock? There are only 5 better teams in Scotland at the moment and only team bar one who have been in the top flight for 25 years on merit! Do some research for your pay. Meanwhile it is a fabulous time to be a killie fan Merry Christmas everyone and really looking forward to a great New year!
  13. County away Fred

    He might just do that together all those pies!!
  14. County away Fred

    He might just do that together all those pies!!
  15. County away Fred

    Do we think Kris Boyd will beat Willie Culley all time goals record!?

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