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  1. The curling

    It was Japan we played. So, a pixelated vag hair...
  2. Hibees fred

    Boyd counter
  3. Hibees fred

    That's the spirit! Boydie hat trick.
  4. Hibees fred

    Shouldnae have bothered wi that link noo. At least it's sans comms, so you can hear all the swear words
  5. Hibees fred

  6. Newcastle based fans

    Translation. Too fat for it.
  7. O'Donnell - 3 points Mulumbu - 2 points Broadfoot - 1 point Standings after game 31: Alan Power - 27 points Jordan Jones - 22 points Gordon Greer - 21 points Jamie MacDonald - 18 Dom Thomas, Stephen O'Donnell - 14 points Adam Frizzell, Rory McKenzie - 13 points Youssouf Mulumbu - 11 points Kris Boyd - 9 points Eamonn Brophy, Kirk Broadfoot - 8 points Gary Dicker - 6 points Dean Hawkshaw, Greg Taylor, Lee Erwin - 4 points Iain Wilson, Scott Boyd - 3 points Stuart Findlay - 2 points Greg Kiltie - 1 point
  8. Summer football

    Don't we play in the height of summer already? BetFred starts the second week of July. I fear we may have missed the boat on that one. Sky paid the RFL 50 millions to switch to 'summer' Guaranteeing teams income incase it was a disaster. At the time, sky would have sold their own grannies to have decent sport on during the 'summer' to lessen the subscription churn. It worked, for the most part. Sky, and to a lesser extent BT are now sorted for 'summer' sport. That's not to say we wouldn't get anything. We'd get some, just not as much as if we'd done it when the SPL became a thing.
  9. On This Day

    partick home 03 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VKQ2AN04oI bbc/rayd/me
  10. Old RP

    Clyde? I'm only seeing 97 cup. @Philo?
  11. The curling

    After intense scrutiny...I'd say lookalike. I mean, just look at that definition...
  12. Old RP

    If we're honest with ourselves, It was a s**thole. But, because so many good times were had, the rose tinted specs shall prevail in this discussion. Wait 'til the best playing surface in Scotland squad arrive. Because they confuse best, with always playable. I await your reds.

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