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  1. Top Six Secured

    There is always one midweek fixture after the split im sure. The penultimate one maybe so you very possably could.
  2. What if SSC just wants to stay?

    He has said that he wont be leaving for any other Scottish club at the AGM. These clowns hear only what they want to.
  3. Hands off

    Nae money! Nae chance!
  4. What’s our new target for end of the season?

    Win our 3 games to the split see what others have done and re assess. I dont consider this a good run now. We are simply a good team. We aim as high as possable now.
  5. gers away, Fred

    The misses telling me some of their scummy fans had the train stopped at Paisley there after assaulting a guy.
  6. gers away, Fred

    We have played alot more football than they have recently. Id expect us to be a little tired. We will see how things compare as the game goes on and endurance comes into play.
  7. "Crazy goalie kits of the 1990s"

    The Leckovic paint spatter on was the first full kit I got.
  8. Attendance tonight

    You will know all about a sad life.
  9. NAPM

    Its done. Time to move forward together. MJ will get something for his shares next year but he is no longer holding the club back for his own benifit. Time for yer pal to get back tae Rugby Park. Also tell hime he already gave the club money if he was at Pittodrie as the gate is split. DOH!
  10. Crowd

    Pretty sure it was Johnston that was called the hotel thief on account of him stealing....er....aquiering 50% of the hotel. Bowie took on the hotel as collateral for taking in the debt so how could he be called a thief? Maybe somebody can find the facts. I couldne in my albeit short search.
  11. KILLIE V DONS Replay

    If thats where we are just now then brilliant. Everybody I know thats going are paying at the gate on the night. Can see this touching 8k home fans.
  12. Crowd

    I would have been £80 quid in four games as well if I got away from work early today. Its a fair expense. Of course Mclean only belives Killie deserve support at home for cut price on a cut price season book!
  13. Crowd

    Beat me to it. Hes just outed the real reason for his obessesion. Oneupmanship! Saddo. Never see congratulating out excellent travelling support (who will almost all be home regulars).
  14. Crowd

    Also agree with this. You will have loads of guys that have drifted away no to return. New fans has to be the focus. Some of the recent away games will have seen loads of young guys hooked and probably egging their mates to go as well.
  15. Crowd

    Ken a fair few folk that couldne make it today including myself but I think the crowds are on the up in general. Alot of games recently and alot to come in quickly. Plently of folk will have forked out a fair few quid recently. Amongst my mates its kinda 3 can make one game and another 3 canne and vice versa. Everyone of them will be there on Tuesday. Wouldne be surprised if its the same for many. Fancy season ticket sales to be up massivly as well.

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