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  1. Broadfoot

    Watched on the Rangers TV thread they couldn’t believe how well he was playing. Called him Beckenbauer at one point. Defo a step too far
  2. gers away, Fred

    Erwin unlucky not to get a start. No complaints though. Time for Tish to deliver.
  3. Rossco Fred

    Strangely disappointed ar yet another victory. Sloppy attitude at the end of the game. Hopefully a warning.
  4. Please don’t wake me up

    Been a fan for over 50 years and cant remember when I went to every match expecting to win or at least draw. Can remember better players and better football but not the results we keep churning out. Must be how the old firm feel
  5. Saints home, Fred

    Sorry I disagree as I thought big Aaron had a decent game. Not a player for Killie was below pass marks.
  6. Jambos, Fred

    Surprised at McKenzie rather than Erwin but no complaints about any of the selections
  7. Kirk Broadfoot

    Saw Mulumbu do the same. How often have opponents done that to us? Great to be on this side of the wind up this time.
  8. How do we keep Clarke?

    Suits him to be near elderly parents here for the moment but his kids and grandkids are down South. He said he sees himself being here for a couple if years and I hope he does that. Would love to see him stay longer but if he can build a base and groom a succesor then we should settle for that.
  9. Fat Ally

    No issues with Sally other than the day every one of his team had a kick at Eremenko in the cup game. Including Naismith. Scored a cracking hat trick when player.
  10. Steven Naismith

    Agreed. A bit of a dilemma for the manager. This is where we need a good manager we can rely on to make difficult decisions. Oh wait. I think we may have one.
  11. New deal for Boydie?

    Lafferty? Really?
  12. Steven Naismith

    Maybe already covered but do we really need him? One of my favourite players of recent times but if JJ stays and Kiltie comes back to his previous form, Boyd and Brophy continue to grow their partnership then who gets dropped to accommodate him? Still think he is a great player though.
  13. Kris Boyd Charity

    Excellent article
  14. off the ball

    I agree. Always hoped it would work out for him but then again we wouldn’t then have Stevie Clarke.
  15. off the ball

    Big Lee actually coming across very well

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