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  1. Dundee match thread

    Fckn amazing best game in ages
  2. Lee Erwin

    fine i won't post again - also please ban me saves me wasting time on here
  3. Lee Erwin

    This is at HOME games - need to take it to the away team better, away games can play 1 up top as it seems to work .
  4. Lee Erwin

    can get away with 2 in midfield as they are good so only way to incorporate dicker as well, then can play out from the back better.
  5. Lee Erwin

    McDonald O'Donnell dicker Findlay/broad taylor Thomas mulumbu power Jones Boyd. Brophy id give that a go - proper wide players out wide and 2 up top as none of the strikers cam play alone very well
  6. Clarke Transfer January list

    Striker and a winger if could only choose two signings
  7. Clarke Transfer January list

    Exactly what i was about to post - strange coincidence!!
  8. Clarke Transfer January list

    Groundhog day!!
  9. Clarke Transfer January list

  10. U20's V St Johnstone

    Good job guys
  11. Hearts Match Thread

    you happy now
  12. Hearts Match Thread

  13. Hearts Match Thread

  14. Today's Sun - Kris Boyd.

    I second that, willing to put a huge wager we won't win today let alone by 2 - call me un optomistic

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