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  1. Pie stalls

    Might be a first world problem, still a problem thou. Missed revenue, affects match day experience. It’s lose, lose. Next time al get a pie of your maw thou, thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Pie stalls

    Last week, my mate left at 42mins and returned at 63mins! Shambles is don’t cover it. 1 working a till and 1 serving doesn’t work for speed of service, pricing is stupid for a speed bar with “rushes”.
  3. TiK Christmas

    Great Idea from the trust! and with a BIG saving at this time of year, it makes the perfect present for those hard to buy for Killie fans!
  4. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Does anyone know if he plays with his national team, and if it’s the African cup of nations this year? So will me potentially lose him?
  5. Killie vs Hibs - Big Flag

    lets get a new flag! someone do a mock up
  6. Penalty?

    Steven smith as an absolute liability of a player, rash tackles, slow tracking back, poor position sense. I have been vocally against him since his debut against Dundee opening day humping. He hides, he drops his head (at one point after the penalty he was running about literally with his head in his hands because he knew what he had done). He never motivates, he is hardly ever seen to encourage or even Be vocal. In 15 professional seasons he has averaged less than 13 games a season. Give him the Benifit of the doubt and average it over 12 seasons for when he was breaking thru, it's still less than 16 games a year. In fact his 17 appearances for us in his first year was his best ever. That's less than half our games and he's club Captain!!! It's an embarrassment to monty, hay, pasca, and the many other leaders we have had. He can duck off
  7. 1 or 2 new players?

    I don't like to project ahead on two or three games ..... but that's exactly what I'm going to do
  8. Kris Boyd on Sky

    Im pretty sure the teams playing is largely irrelevant to sky when they are scheduling they know the vast majority will be rangers or celtic away, they will have a date and a kick off time in there diary long before the fixtures come out. and as such schedule the people they have under contract to appear on these shows. they probably schedule a celtic and a rangers former player and cut the other accordingly. or are we saying that sky waits until scottish football fixtures are announced, then fits the fixtures in around its broadcasting and then once thats sorted goes out and chooses who the pundits will be. Are we also saying that Michael "king of contracts" Johnson allowed Kris complete freedom with his media work that he gets to choose when he does stuff? could he in theory say I'm doing TV not playing?. If kris was 3-4 stone lighter, had scored like he used to last year and all summer in the cup / start of league and had bags of movement and mobility, this post wouldn't exist, But he hasn't and he shouldn't be the focal point of our attack, and HE shouldnt be the focal point for attack on here for a matter that players at other clubs also take part in. Im a fan of what Boyd has done for us, I'm not a boyd defender thou, he is unfit, immobile and ineffective on the park. However I won't attack him for doing media work and talking about 1 of the 2 clubs that sadly media are only interested in. Fundamentally the issue for me is not Boyd but the club, and I WOULD support other fans and condone the club on this matter. Why do the club let him do media that polarise's the fan base? why have we signed a sectarian thug with the badge tattooed on his neck? Why when we appear to try and champion being a family club have we allowed our star play for many years to bang the drum on TV, Radio and print about one of the team thats responsible for our fan base being smaller, Or again a someone charged of sectarian offences.
  9. Kris Boyd on Sky

    Guaranteed the following happened 1. Kris or his agent gives club list of dates sky has work for him in advance. 2.Club approves said dates 3.club organises open day for a date Kris unavailable Not Kris's or clubs fault but you can't pick and choose when you work if you want work. and the club can't in all fairness work around everyones schedules. And as mentioned, Ive never once heard of anyone meet boyd in or out of the club not get a photo/signing/a chat this post is nitpicking to the highest degree
  10. 15 mins into the new season...

    100% sounds like my dad. I tell him all the time to stop talking nonsense. luckily its not as we are east stand Dont agree with fans moaning at other fans opinions thou or them vocally expressing them. It would be a boring experience if we all sat and agreed and made no noise, and half the fun is thinking your a football expert for 90minutes, second guessing every decision and trying to guess why something was done. Kirk's a big boy I'm sure he doesn't even hear the fan, let alone pay attention if he did. I also think its a bit Hypocritical that other comments allude to vocal fans being clueless about football, by someone with probably as much knowledge as them. If an ex player or coach said he was talking nonsense i would probably listen, However another fan saying it? thats a difference of opinion and is a huge part of the match day experience. I personally love nothing more than a good hearted argument about a player and have had more than once had to swallow my words. Stevie smith and his goal against hearts springs to mind 30seconds after i slaughtered him at length to our group.
  11. Away kit for Saturday

    Anyone notice no keeper in the photos or video posted by club. It Maybe that it was only those in for treatment that were in the photo And the others were unavailable if it was a day off or something. or that McDonald said no/ wasn't asked to the photo as he's been told he won't be number one or is leaving. my guess - within a month bell will be number 1, McKay will be out on loan, Leo Fasan will be back up and McDonald will be gone.
  12. Kilmarnock 2017/18 First team Squad

    thats a valid point, but ignoring Celtic and there options, Im not too worried about what other teams have coming down our right side, we have in JJ probably the best left sided option after what celtic have in the league. Unless I'm missing someone glaring obvious due to my "anyone but stevie smith tinted glasses"
  13. Antonio Murray

    Where you hearing this pal?
  14. Sunday vs Auchinleck Talbot

    Boy spencer scored, seems to be able to pass a ball needs to be more involved. also got a you ex rangers youth on bench, black boy.
  15. Dom Thomas

    http://www.thesoccerblog.org/2017/01/video-dom-thomas-goal-v-dundee-united-for-qos-queen-of-the-south-3-3-dundee-united-highlights/ link to the goal

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