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  1. Broadfoot

    Still hard to tell if Kirk kicked May or if it was a pull of the shirt. Hopefully not the latter as Boyd has his shirt ripped off him more than once. We have over achieved with the current squad. Last night shouldn't ruin what Clarke has done so far. They were lucky. Also 6 games in 18 days is far from ideal. Brophy needs to start, made such a difference.
  2. Broadfoot

    Broadfoot the scapegoat. No mention of how pish Mulumbu was.
  3. Tickets for Tuesday

    Like most have said, to save them from moving the sponsors on the lower tier. I'd imagine it will be part of the sponsorship deal.
  4. Tickets for Tuesday

    Why do the insist in sticking everyone up the back of the moffat? Get everyone close to the pitch and create a better atmosphere.
  5. Abuse Directed at Steven Naismith

    I'm interested also.
  6. Abuse Directed at Steven Naismith

    Russell Abercrombie is just as bad as Gordon Sawyers, pleb.
  7. Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    They should fear us more than we fear them. We played well last time round, we are in form, at home & it's on the tele (seem to perform better, rangers/celtic). Killie BTTS @ 13/2 is decent
  8. Dundee match thread

    Shouldn't be criticized but let's be honest, he's not exactly been great has he? Time will tell.
  9. Dundee match thread

    Why should we "rate" him after 1 goal? Give the boy time then we can judge. Saying he's a talent or not a talent at this early stage is silly.
  10. Celtic at RP

    swap useless mckenzie with Kiltie and your on to a winner.
  11. Celtic at RP

    score more goals than them.
  12. Lee Erwin

    He's the only striker to play for us that makes me miss Aime Koudou. He's an absolute donkey and was nothing special at Motherwell either. His goals were hardly spectacular. His fitness levels are atrocious and his diet appears to be just as bad according to his social media.
  13. Jordan Jones

    Nowhere near good enough for the Premiership.
  14. Striker in January

    Harry Wilson
  15. Ajer

    Gerrard slip didn't cost Liverpool the league, damage was done well before then. Thanks to Rodgers

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