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  1. Celtic thread, Fred

    This. When he made the change I was wondering what he was doing and then we saw what happened. I honestly do not remember a Killie manager with such tactical knowledge in my ahem 45+ years of watching the famous. It’s still early days but Mr Clarke so far has not put a foot wrong, wonderful to watch and long may it continue
  2. What a player Mulumbu is ! Every single Kille player did their part today though magnificent performance WE ARE KILLIE !!
  3. We Did It!

    Fantastic stuff well done to all involved especially those in the Trust who give up their own time to get stuff like this done.
  4. JJ

    Totally agree with this. Love watching JJ but he’s still not the finished article. Hope if he leaves that he goes down south though and not to Sevco he’s not going to improve in that environment I wouldn’t think.
  5. Home Support Saturday

    Six of us who are season ticket holders are going and normally for these games its two of us so a step in the right direction for my lot !
  6. Thistle home Fred

    Mulumbu looks like some player did lots of simple stuff and broke up play regularly I think we should enjoy him while we can. Credit to all the players today though not a failure on the park. Jones was a wee bit quiet at times and then he turns it on by driving at their defence, great to watch. Stevie Clarke’s blue and white army right enough, happy days.
  7. Away fans make a difference..

    Great story it’s heartening to read stuff like this.
  8. Graham Spies interview with Steve Clarke

    Great reading !
  9. Let's all get to Rugby Park on Tuesday.....

    So I literally posted that as my mate texted me to say he's coming with his boy on Tuesday and he says are there seats around us free ! Couldn't make it up. Cmon the Killie !!!
  10. Let's all get to Rugby Park on Tuesday.....

    For a Tuesday night game I'd settle for some of the empty seats around us being filled. Used to have literally no empty seats around us and now it's sparse so this will do for starters for sure. But we need folk to come and then keep coming back, Wee acorns and all that.
  11. Celtic Away Thread (Formerly Fred)

    Its amazing the lift everyone has got from Stevie Clarkes appointment. I haven't smiled this much since 2012 !
  12. Looks like hes not resigning

    Jesus of course he's not resigning why are football managers viewed as different from any other employee ? He's got a contract he'll see it out unless he's offered another job which at the moment won't happen or he gets fired. Over to you Killie board and I think we know the answer to that.
  13. Rossco thread

    Well here's hoping but again only one up in a game we need to win doesn't feel like we are a confident team right now.
  14. What we have

    Absolutely. Unbelievable
  15. McCulloch transfer target?

    He most definitely has thought this through and comes across way better than I thought he would. I wish him every success and hope he helps step up the communication between the club and the fans. For the first time in a few years I am feeling positive for the new season ahead what a strange feeling it is.

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