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  1. Mulumbu

    He was either play acting, made a miraculous recovery in the space of a minute, or it was one of those that you think is going to be really sore but isn’t.....the scream and rolling about the park it looked like that was him for the season but he seemed to be fine when he stood up!
  2. Celtic thread, Fred

    Thought the same. The penalty claim against Broadfoot when it was quite clearly a foul the other way and nobody on the pitch was claiming for anything for a start. Constant criticism of Celtic for negative passes, maybe I am biased but I thought that was down to Killie players shutting off just about every opportunity to play forwards. a superb defensive performance - it could be years since a team stopped Celtic from getting a shot on target from open play, that doesn’t come by anything other than top class organisation and hard work. And created enough chances to win by several goals too - just a little more composure needed and there’s no reason that won’t come. Lokking bright for the future.
  3. Dons away 27/01 Fred

    Amazing that after a great run, all it takes is a single loss away to the team most accept as the 2nd best in the country (albeit Rangers have the edge head to head) and the doom and gloom merchants are out!
  4. The Pitch

    That’s a strange argument to me. Yes grass grows naturally but it takes a hell of a lot of human intervention to make it into a pitch suitable for professional football. personally I’m undecided on the pitch. I think it looks appalling on TV which doesn’t help, at the ground it doesn’t look half as bad. I don’t watch many away games so difficult to say exactly how it affects the game itself but I think it’s still possible to get a good game on it and you know it’s going to be fairly consistent through the season. i assume its heated as certainly from my own experience the one time these pitches become completely unplayable is in frost
  5. SC is God

    Yes clarke has made a huge difference and going to a game is now something to really look forward to once again - even losing to hibs and (not to such an extent) aberdeen there was a lot more optimism about the place while filing out the door. the appointment of a top class manager has been the main event but there are other little changes which are really adding up. Yesterday was my first home game with the new system, it may seem trivial but to me the whole set up seems so much more professional when the announcements are crystal clear and a professional on the mike too.....playing a local bands music at half time.....all the youth clubs getting free tickets and well catered for at half time, the team in front of me were loving the experience and the naming of all the teams at half time, all little things coupled with and perhaps boosting the performances on the park, good to see and lets hope it continues.
  6. Jamie McDonald

    The first goal my instinct was it was relatively poor to get beaten at the near post, but it was a well struck shot that looked to be tucked well into the corner. Not great but forgivable on what I saw - the main issue was the midfield and full back area getting given complete runaround. Second goal a bit of a freak, the keeper can’t cover the whole goal in that situation and it’s a bit of a percentage game. third goal, I was watching from almost the other end of the pitch, it looked like May was fairly close in so it’s not so relevant that the ball went in at the near post. Again, the protection from defenders was shocking. if players are allowed to waltz into space and get a free shot away in the box it’s hard for a keeper to do much, you rely a lot on defenders narrowing the angle or putting pressure on the shot. MacDonalds not perfect but as has been said before on here, far more important problems are there to be solved!
  7. Cracked phone screen repair

    Wife just got her iPhone 7 done by an outfit called ayedeal recommended by friends - apparently you will find them on Facebook. the guy came to the house collected the phone and fixed it in his van in 15 minutes, charged £50. it was just done this morning but it looks a good job and comes with a 3 month warranty, which obviously we haven’t tested! £50 is not bad going for 15 mins work right enough, but I suppose you factor in the travel time the convenience and by all accounts you can pay a lot more elsewhere
  8. Hibs Vs Killie Match Day Thread

    I agree that was one of the most undeserved 3-0 defeats you will see. even Neil Lennon said the score flattered Hibs, probably amongst the most biased of all managers! i thought we spent much more time in their final third than they did in ours, we just lacked a final product. Even at that the keeper made a couple of good saves, and there were plenty more chances we could have made more of on another day. Power impressed me overall, always showing for the ball - possibly had the most touches of any player in the game - and hardly ever gave it away. Reminded me of the first time i saw sammy clingan play for us. Very surprised he didnt play until a few weeks back.
  9. Penalty?

    Jones was doing what most teams have a man do i.e. Stand over the ball to stop the quick free kick towards towards goal crawford was too clever though and played the pass to the right
  10. Was That Boyds Swan Song...

    Personally i thought the "great cross" from Frizzell was far too close to the keeper, who made it look like a great ball by showing it across the goal mouth instead of claiming it. Im sure boyd was, as mentioned above, expecting the ball to be cut back a little. the miss one on one boyd certainly got the ball stuck under his feet, and probably would have put it away in his prime, but he was under a lot of pressure from several defenders and the keeper did very well with the angle, and he didnt miss by much. theres no doubt boyd is not the player he once was, but theres also no doubt he still has something to offer. In terms of goals and assists hes done not too badly already, and despite generally looking like he is running through treacle he does have a bit of a burst in him just he cant use it very often! Erwin did look more lively when he was on and perhaps should be given a run in the team, but suggesting boyd should retire is a bit extreme.
  11. Trouble

    The first four results have been poor on paper, but in terms of the product on the park, in recent memory i think the early days of johnston, locke and dare i say it even shiels have been worse. we desperately need to start picking up points, but despite the old pals act there are some decent players in there and i am sure it will come together. yesterday was a huge improvement for the first two thirds of the game, yes hamilton were always in the game but they are a decent team, have had goot results so far and we were two goals up.
  12. Penalty?

    I was right behind the linesman yes it was a silly and unnecessary challenge to make but instinctively it didnt even cross my mind that it was a penalty and i was surprised to see the hamilton player jump up claiming for it so strongly. for me smith got a foot on the ball edit - after seeing the tv pictures i was half right about one thing actually it was a really silly challenge. as forthe refs decision, he was bang on, absolute stonewaller. its not easy being a ref.
  13. Jamie MacDonald

    Thought he dealt with through balls today, saved a certain goal with his slide tackle although he was a little lucky as if he hadnt hesitated then it would have been a punt up the park not a desperate sliding challenge. A couple of decent saves, good handling, there was one cross he couldnt quite catch but was intelligent enough in where he palmed the ball. He had a stronger all round game than often has in the past for me, maybe the competition does him good. as said above, the goalkeeper position is not a worry
  14. 1 Positive of the Day

    who is he? Can he play midfield? I thought the standout of wilsons game in his first couple of games (when he played midfield) was his ball retention. Never did anything fancy but hardly misplaced a single pass. Reminded a bit me of Sammy Clingan sadly since then been shunted about the park become a target for the boo boys and looks to have had his confidence dented as a result. I hope he gets another run in his strongest of many positions so far in front of the defence.
  15. Referee Stephe Finnie

    I thought he should have dished out a few more cards in the first half. by letting so many niggles go, the players keep pushing their luck, which ended up in a very scrappy game at times and contributed to situations like the red cards and erwins apparent elbow no doubt. also that whistle for boyds sub was unbelievably late, i think there was about 3 touches a pass and 2 more touches before he blew

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