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  1. Dundee match thread

    I'm not commenting on one game. I'm commenting on how he's looked over the 30 or so that he's played. My opinion is he's been continually impressive since he came into the team. Did well in midfield, did well at centre half, did well at right back. As far as I'm concerned for a boy at 19 he does look a talent. He's defensively sound and he finds a pass more often than not, that combined with his size and strength I think he could (and probably will) go far. He's awkward and unnatural looking on the ball though, I know that puts a panic into people. We'll agree to disagree, I've been impressed and you haven't.
  2. Training facilities

    The plans, drawings etc are still on the EAC eplanning site as something that's happening.
  3. Motherwell

    Disagree about Taylor. It really didn't work for Taylor in midfield. Can't question his ability but far too lightweight.
  4. Training facilities

    I'm not saying they should keep it in the town in case someone needs a fitness test. I'm saying it makes sense to have it in the town and close to the stadium for it to be easily accessible if it's needed.
  5. Training facilities

    Regardless of where the fans come from and how far the Kilmarnock supporting community reaches it does make far more sense to have the training facilities in Kilmarnock. There's no saying that the facilities won't be used on match days. Short sessions, fitness tests etc on the day probably aren't unusual and it takes the stress off the Rugby Park pitch. It makes far more sense to have the facilities a short bus journey from the stadium than bringing the players in from Kilwinning or somewhere else.
  6. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Looks like McLeish is a formality now. The "set to be announced" stories are doing the rounds.
  7. Motherwell: Weekend

    I'm a better ref than Dallas. I don't think McLean is a bad referee, we always just have a nightmare with him.
  8. Points off of last season

    When we get to the last 3 fixtures if we are still in 6th/7th then I think either of the two around us will probably struggle to beat us to 6th unless we have a real meltdown. There are a lot of tough games in between but you'd expect we could at least keep it a tight run race. If we beat Motherwell then we look very good for top 6. St J - Hibs (H), Aberdeen (A), Motherwell (H) Motherwell - Celtic (H), Rangers, (H), St J (A) Kilmarnock - Rangers (A), Hamilton (H), Partick (A)
  9. Motherwell: Weekend

    Steven McLean will hopefully be better than Nick Walsh. It's amazing that a Killie fan can look biased against us every time we get him.
  10. Neil Mccann

    For all his complaining, the BBC highlights replayed the incident and it's not a foul.
  11. Players contracted beyond this season

    You'd think there should be plenty of room to strengthen without even having to enhance the budget. There are 4 guys in on loan and 11 guys out of contract. I'd imagine we're trying to retain Mulumbu, Dicker, McKenzie and Kiltie - hopefully Findlay. I'd expect around 8-10 to go and less brought in but of a higher quality.
  12. Lee Erwin

    I thought Erwin was the stand out option for MotM regardless of how long he was on the pitch. Completely changed the game for us, gave us a bit extra between midfield and attack that we were missing. Dropped deep, put a lot of work in to win the ball and then drove forward. Strength in the air was excellent, link up play was also superb. Did very, very well.
  13. Dundee match thread

    The fact that there's a section of the support who don't rate Wilson confuses me to no end.
  14. Strength in depth

    Even with the 5 guys missing last night I still thought the starting 11 looked relatively strong, beyond that I also though the bench looked reasonable too. That can only be a good sign.
  15. Ref got it right

    The ref was abysmal throughout the game. Both of their goals came from corners that should have been fouls to Kilmarnock. After watching the penalty decision back it wasn't a penalty for me. He's used his shoulder (with a contorted arm albeit) and he's had no time to react. If a ball skelps you in the arm it's not a handball, I felt the same rule should apply for Dicker here. Then you look at the consistency issue, if you give one hand ball like that then you need to give the rest. He let them away with 3 similar throughout the game as far as I could see. A shambolic performance from a terrible referee.

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