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  1. Season tickets

    Great to see the Moffat open again and hopefully bursting at the seams again with a whole new generation of young fans,something that was lost for many a year thanks to the dubious self interest of a previous dictator!
  2. Radio Aberdeen

    Miller a pundit with a serious grudge in all matters Killie!
  3. 2,500 Killie fans in Hamilton

    2500 eat you heart out Tom English who stated earlier this season that Kilmarnock FC bring nothing to the top league,clown!
  4. Radio Aberdeen

    Echo this.
  5. Cup Semi-Finals

    McInnes will be getting the bullet in the morning,joker.
  6. post split fixtures

    Time now for UEFA to investigate this sham of a league set-up?
  7. Radio Aberdeen

    Absolutely detest Aberdeen and everything about them!
  8. Scottish Youth Cup - Semi Final - 5th April

    Something very strange about this whole fixture?
  9. Ray Wilkins

    He was once on record as stating the Rugby Park playing surface was magnificent!
  10. The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same!

    How about this for a media blooper!
  11. Scottish Youth Cup Quarter Final today

    Lets fill the Frank Beattie for this!
  12. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    Good article by Waddell,hope Johnston reads it and squirms.
  13. Scottish Youth Cup Quarter Final today

    Craigen is well detested among coaches and staff at all clubs,makes Chris Sutton look like a decent bloke!
  14. Penalty Shoot Outs

    Are you thinking about the 2nd leg we lost on away goals after extra time?
  15. Tickets for Tuesday

    Water,put off for months,wait for Killie game of the season so far and start digging TODAY.

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