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  1. Dundee Game Also Postponed

    I thought it very strange also.
  2. Cup Draw Brora (H)

    Was hoping to get Brora in the draw but away,played against them at Brora many years ago for Wick Academy and always remember their pitch was the best I ever played on,their social club was cracking as well.A very well run club on and off the park and this tie will not be as easy as many think,would take 1-0 Killie right now.
  3. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    What pleasure did you get from that statement,you are sick in the head son!
  4. Steven Naismith

    I think we have dodged a bullet not signing him,gut feeling injuries etc.
  5. Dapper Squirrel shut

    Time for Buzzworks to take over the premises and promote it under their house brand and seeing its near the Dick Institute could rename it The Dick House!
  6. Golf / Golferists / Golfing / Gowf

    Question for you,which USA baseball team has a street running along one side of their stadium called Kilmarnock,true?
  7. Abroad

    Hoffenheim have a 30000 capacity stadium with a population of just over 3200!
  8. The dud Killie strikers topic

    And Cowboy pulling strings in midfield!
  9. Cup tie prices

    With these prices,clearly some lessons still to be learned at running our club?
  10. Warburton

    Back to being a city trader then,because he knows SFA about football, all mouth.
  11. Naming rights

    Of course,its a no-brainer.
  12. Tom English Sportsound

    Steve Clarke will knock any Sevco speculation on the head at tomorrows AGM,then Tom English and his pals can go fly a kite.
  13. Who will be the first to beat them?

    Boy I would love it to be us,remember the words of Tom English earlier this season when he said Kilmarnock bring nothing to the league,imagine how sweet it would be to ram those words down his throat as his boyhood heroes get their arse booted!
  14. Motherwell 16th Dec

    Not a good week for Well,also named and shamed for not paying the minimum wage!

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