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  1. General Election early next year I'd say! Distracts from Brexit itself. Is guaranteed. Unless someone can square the Irish circle - which isnt gonna happen.. You could see Labour going for single market access and Tories pursuing a Hard Brexit at all costs to create an offshore EU tax haven in a GE. The SNP should show a pair and stand on an Independence in EU or EEA/EFTA (Norway style) ticket, given the chaos in UK, yet Scots voters repeated backing of the 2014/16 EU/UK single market status quo.
  2. The Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said on Sky News yesterday that alignment and convergence were the same thing. He was very upfront and clear - unlike the UK position.
  3. Midget Gems ?

    Fast twitch muscle fibres innit? Kenny Shiels spoke about that a fair bit. Strachan and the media were wrong to mention height.. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jonentine/2012/08/12/the-dna-olympics-jamaicans-win-sprinting-genetic-lottery-and-why-we-should-all-care/#393c67512a2e "Athletes of African ancestry hold every major male running record, from the 100 meters to the marathon. (Although these same trends hold for female runners, the pattern is more dominant among male runners. This analysis focuses on men because the playing field for them is far more level, as social taboos remain that restrict female access to sports in many parts of the world.) Over the last seven Olympic men’s 100-meter races, all 56 finalists have been of West African descent. Only two non-African runners, France’s Christophe Lemaire, who is white, and Australia’s Irish-aboriginal Patrick Johnson, have cracked the top 500 100-meter times. There are no elite Asian sprinters—or, intriguingly, any from East or North Africa."
  4. The Irish border (Brexit)

    A Norway style arrangement with the EU - obviously! Hard Brexit just can't be done cos of this border issue. Or it will be done and will be more bother than it's worth - cos of the Irish issue. The DUP also dont want a united Ireland - I daresay the Irish government might in the wider scheme of geopolitics and history (setting aside the crippling economic consequences of taking on N.I.). You'd expect a cross border poll on the issue if a hard border is erected - as per the good friday agreement. Hard Breixt's just not worth it, but the tail wont wag the Brexit dog! Ironic thing is now the EU are coalescing behind the Irish position, Dublin could now be the imperial power! I think it could be the daftest decision ever pursing an adversarial hard brexit with the EU and Ireland. It was UK and Ireland that joined together on same day in 1974. To take it full circle, Norway pulled out at same time and at the very last minute in 74 and got really rich..
  5. Salmond

    Isn’t the BBC stuffed with Brexit and Britnat puppets though? I reckon the whole point of RT is to highlight that no news channels are unbiased in their output. Obviously those who believe in Scottish independence will have worked this out a while ago, but it’s counter productive for the U.K. media to constantly accuse RT of having an agenda, when one can see the BBCs neoliberal, anti EU, USA friendly, geopolitical agenda in their (mostly) stupid TV and website output day in day out.
  6. The Great PFI Scandal

    My old man was a headteacher in Saltcoats (not in any of the schools listed). He distinctly remembers taking his football teams down to the playing fields, (only ones in Saltcoats mind) those schools were built on for their games. There's no playing fields now, a 1m a month debt and larger community facilities like the Magnum have been downsized within North Ayrshire due to this budget shortfall. The idea 4 schools in Saltcoats could be worth North of 350million quid is bonkers mate - that's before you even look at the more suspect issues highlighted in the video - take off your blinkers for a wee second!
  7. Tynecastle

    We're forgetting (if you knew in the first place) what a saga the Hearts main stand has been - it's 20 years in the making! I also see the Jambos only made a profit last year because of a mystery donation of £2.5million. Ann Budge has deep pockets, and is in my opinion personally paying for this cock up in finances and delay in the stand opening - hence the easy ride in media and off the SPFL https://stv.tv/sport/football/1402622-hearts-announce-2-3m-profit-after-exceptional-donation/ Thistle have the right to be fuming, night befores not enough notice, but its faux outrage from everyone else.
  8. Kez

    Aye that sort of charity is really gonna help her constituents when she's in the Jungle eating Kangaroos baws for no doubt a 6 figure sum! It's typical of the have and have not culture in the 5th most unequal country in the world thats the UK. Kez can obviously afford to donate her MSP salary to charity - cos she's taking an even bigger fee moonlighting on TV. While all the time her constituents go through the demeaning mire of universal credit and benefit reform, not to mention to massive balls up thats Brexit. Progressive politics my ar$e! You wouldn't have thought "Scottish" Labour could dredge the gutter any further, but the have just elected a public schoolboy as their leader - from a short list of, well, public schoolboys. Keir Hardie's baw is burst.
  9. To me it's been fairly clear the EU will side with the Irish position on the land border with UK - it's the EU's border too after all. History of the UK says we won't give two hoots about this and "Hard Brexit" will really begin to unravel from there, probably why negotiations aren't going anywhere at present. The whole Hard Brexit, no deal thing makes absolutely no sense if you consider the UK beyond Britain itself. I think a lot of the no deal, get the EU stuffed folk, forget Northern Ireland's part of the UK and has an actual land border with the EU itself. Would be hugely ironic if the Brexit vote and the UK regaining it's sovereignty, leads to Dublin having us by the balls! That would be embarrassing. but I daresay its where we're headed!
  10. Richard Leonard

    I suppose it was a guaranteed win / win were it Sarwar or Leonard, on the SNP racist smears front! Your banter sucks almost as much as the aforementioned former public shoolboys
  11. I read somewhere that adjusted for inflation the price on a pint should be about £1.70 going on 1960s prices. The whole drinking culture has moved massively from supervised to unsupervised drinking and pubs shut as the price on a pint increases, yet booze becomes cheaper at the supermarket. Im all for a minimum pricing on alcohol, as long as the price paid in tax on a pint is reduced. The drinking problems this is aimed at is unsupervised drinking, if your gonna clamp down on that, why not encourage drinking under the supervision of the local barman? Seems logical to me.
  12. I was behind him in the queue in Sainsburys one day and though I ididnt say hello or talk to him, I observed him having a normal interaction with the cahier. Seemed a normal enough bloke going on what he bought. Boyd is too adversarial on the radio. They need to have debate not argument. Argument works better on TV. Radio is different to the telly though.. a more subtle medium.
  13. Steve Clarke for Scotland?!

    Dom Thomas should get Boydie's gig on Sportsound!!!
  14. Club v country

    You're correct. I was just paraphrasing my wee brothers complaints of the SSC, after him being a of it member for many years. Membership is discretionary, but as all he games are on Sky, there's a danger it's all a bit elitist compared to the days of Don Hutchinson and Scotland actually being a decent side, which Scotland haven't been for more than a few games on the trot this century. You could argue we're on our best run of form this century and the managers just left! But the games being on BBX or STV rather than Sky is the key thing, everyone should be able to watch it.
  15. Club v country

    The "Tartan Army" with their membership cards, priority seating (just not beside your pals) and all that jazz killed it. The SFA cashed in on all that, leaving those who didn't attended every game, or didnt want a membership card as second class Scotland fans. That and a large number of the Tartan Army , aren't week in week out football fans, just part time fans, who have the money for the trips abroad and some face paint.

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