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  1. BT Sport

    Well not necessarily if you were looking to build the profile of the league, rather than cash in on ever diminishing circles of Old Firm advertising. Hibs have huge support in cups at Hampden. Outwith Scotland, does nothing for our game to promote it incorrectly as the 2 horse Old Firm race it was before Sevco. It's not an accurate reflection of last 5 years of football and a throwback to the SPL days.
  2. Hearts away

    So it'll probably open in February at the earliest?!
  3. Hearts away

    The publicly owned Lothian buses were so good commercial companies don't even bother running around Edinburgh. I think Lothian Buses were the last fully publicly owned bus group in Scotland. The changed Lothian Buses to Transport for Edinburgh and got away with the financial scrutiny of the Trams initially, due to the Bus network being so profitable, historically market leading and successful.
  4. Hearts away

    Ironically, if the games at Murrayfield, the Tram Service from Haymarket to the stadium is £1.60 and first class! Or dump the car at Ingelstion park and ride and get the tram in from there (avoiding the 5 pound airport fare). Murrayfields one of the few destinations the tram is actually useful for - from either end of the limited line they built!
  5. Safe Standing

    It looks different to an all seater stand of same size though - are less seats in same area - on first glance anyway! Would seem to back your point up - probably why is so expensive to introduce as "modern" 4 box stadiums werent built to that spec in the 1990s.
  6. Safe Standing

    Well aye. You can see that difference in row "depth" in the original picture of the safe standing section. To my eye, looks two steps per row of spectators and the whole seat is visible, whereas in traditional all seater stadium only the seat backs could be seen from pitchside.
  7. Club shop

    All right then, I’ll settle for a Giant Plasma screen advertising the next game in the Burns Mall. They could use cuts from all the YouTube videos produced by the club, chuck in a few stats too on a loop. On a budget, are still loads of ways you could get visibility in town and in the punters faces (outwith match day or the online presence).
  8. Club shop

    I didn't suggest they closed the shop at Rugby Park mate, nor did I suggest they took over a jumbo unit of high rateable value like the former BHS building. What I thought was an additional shop, in area of high footfall (say the Burns Mall - across from Farmfoods), small shop unit, most of the frontage devoted to "NEXT MATCH AT RUGBY PARK.. v HIBS". Visibility and advertising being its primary purpose, not all fans have cars , so it would cater for them.
  9. Hearts away

    It's already delayed - thats building work for you. Easter Road most likely as the Hibees wont be playing at home that day. Budge, who confirmed that the demolition of Hearts’ existing main stand will be completed by the end of next month, said: “In terms of current progress, the first thing to say is that we remain on schedule, for our first league game next season to be played at Tynecastle, in front of the new stand, on 9 September. “As I have said repeatedly, every day brings its own challenges on a project of this size and complexity and, not entirely unexpectedly, we have been faced with a number of changes that have resulted in some budget overruns. Read more at: http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/hearts/cost-of-new-stand-at-tynecastle-is-running-over-budget-1-4467985
  10. Hearts away

    I think with tight site and time frame, they were always going to play at Murrayfield (although never originally admitted), chances are you'd get either Rangers or Celtic in that period. The new stand is well over budget and now slipping behind schedule - even 140k huns at Murrayfield wouldn't put it back on track!
  11. Hearts away

    Thats why Jambos will want postponement. Only other option is a grovelling phone call to Rod Petrie. Who'll then charge top dollar for Easter Road, as is the only option if both Tynecastle and Murrayfield are out of action. Are huge cost overruns already at new Tynecastle stand - hiring Easter Road will not have been budgeted for. My guess is Hibs will gladly take the extra cash!
  12. Hearts away

    I was up there a week and a bit ago. You could see internally from the street outside, the new stand was nowhere near fitted out. From discussion on this subject previously, I think Scotlands Autumn Internationals start in November - hence them asking for postponement rather than a switch to Murrayfield - which won't be available. Easter Roads probably an option of last resort.
  13. Next Manager Thread

    There's brass in s****.

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