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  1. PMQs

    Haha You're even more of a zoomer than I thought mate! Briton is an Island. It's the name given to the island Scotland is on. That's a basic statement of fact and not as you suggest, a political construct, which can somehow be changed by being a Scottish nationalist. You do realise the bloke on the left has just the 4 British Phonographic Industry Gold Discs to his name? Maybe that's why he gets invited to the British Music Industry Awards..
  2. Coulibaly

    Can now see where LC was going what what looked like a completely scatter-gun signing session last summer too! Kept us up and cash in the bank meant better players were signed this summer - incremental progress. Maybe MJ got it right in the end, or maybe if you sign 100 players on a free, you may eventually find a diamond!
  3. The Irish border (Brexit)

    It's kind of weird how it was BIG news a few months ago, when they negotiated basically f. all with Ireland - according to the Irish PM anyway! Is so little about it in 2018, power sharing deal looks to have collapsed in N.I. too. Me thinks the can's been kicked down the road. IF you thought the leave remain thing was viscous in 2016. The pro "hard" Brexit, "any powers given to EU court (for example) dilutes UK parliament sovereignty" lot v PRO EU single market folk will split country right in 2 - hence how debate suppressed. Cos of weak Tory majority, they'll follow a hard Brexit path. Tories dont do all out warfare in gov. like Labour. But this is BIG test in next year or so of that traditional "The Tories Govern" hypothesis with JAcob Rees Mogg and his 50 strong ERG or European research group. Where's the anti EU 1922 committee the BBC reported on in 1990s now? Thats the ERG. This is a concerted generational campaign, subverting governance by being anti EU and pro USA. Totally hard Brexit believers - yet we are made to believe the 10 strong DUP are holding the PM to a Hard Brexit, going on media reports? It's complete bollocks. Brexit is a totally unnecessary can of worms. Might be great for the UK, but you'd at the very least need to take a speculative, long term view of that - including maximising human potential and maxing out productivity - all things we in the UK are no good at and with increasingly inequality - will only get less good at! If the Tories were saying post hard brexit, we'll re-balance economy on a geographic basis and invest in turning folk from the massive world leading UK education system, into employable people who through modern technology could export our service industry skills and boost domestic manufacturing abroad via the internet or phone lines - that would be good. Instead, it'll be the mile square city of London that gets the offshore benefits of Brexit! There's no suggestion the economy will be re-balanced. Brexit is a waste of time, unless you're from the South East..
  4. Brendan Cox

    Aye but you're no drinkin' the gid moonshine m8..
  5. Brendan Cox

    And as you say @gdevoy, it happened while his wife was still alive, were she still alive - I bet you we wouldn't know about it. The 2 charities set up are still on the go, so Brendan Cox did the right thing to leave. I'd let him get on with his life as no-one can change the past. I'd guess his accuser thinks he's suffered enough to not bother pressing charges - hence the media witch hunt in this case!
  6. Brendan Cox

    It'd be easy to interpret this as some sort of new anti male sweeping McCarthyism though! Probably why this is only a media (both social and MSM) campaign and not something you see posters up in windows about or mass marches. It's a classic game of "divide and rule" played by the very media that brought us Weinstein. Split the population 50/50 down gender line - when most of this is to do with a scandal about media power being abused. Cynical as feck. They control folks thoughts en mass with this gash too.
  7. Brendan Cox

    Not what I was suggesting at all mate. I'd argue, you are being a wee bit reactionary in how you're looking at this - viewing it as somehow sexist against men. My apologies if I picked that up wrong! Much like priests or vicars in loads of other sex scandals through the years, those working in a supposedly morally superior industry that is the charity sector, shouldn't use it as a cover for morally repugnant personal behaviour - which grabbing women by the throat and making sexual comments clearly is - in any context But this like other scandals is high profile, cos in the media Brendan Cox has a higher profile than most blokes. "Do as I say, not as I do" and the hypocrisy of it all does stink, but is nothing compared to the exploitation of aid budgets vulnerable people in Haiti, in the other charity scandal. They built 7,00 homes for a mere 12.5 billion dollars, never mind the exploration of women! Maybe some of these jumbo charities are too big arguably. Charity is more efficient localised and unbranded. We can all think of big charities logos (like any business) with all the junk mail you get.
  8. How do we keep Clarke?

    In all seriousness - I'd offer him say, 10% of the club. Would make the other 90% of shares more valuable !
  9. And: Other teams fans respect us as a dangerous side that could easily turn them over. Psychology is half the battle.
  10. Brendan Cox

    Aye you're right. But if he worked at Tesco I'd be more inclined to say; innocent until proven guilty. In a charitable situation, I think it's different, morally and on a tax basis. Cox doesn't deny it, yet gives an unspecific weasel apology - yet its all nothing compared to the Oxfam Scandal. Cox is a tortured soul, widower, I'd let him disappear away from the public eye and hopefully he'll get peace and some sort of redemption as an individual in due course. The other charity scandals (eg Oxfam in Haiti) are 100 or a 1000 times worse than this.
  11. Higher. Higher. Alex Dyer. Get Him In A Headlock. Higher. Higher. Alex Dyer. Get Him In A Headlock. Higher. Higher. Alex Dyer. Get Him In A Headlock. Who's the big man now? To the tune of The Rubberbandits - Danny Dyer. You'll find it on Youtube!
  12. Brendan Cox

    I dunno Skydog, if you're working for a charity and have admitted behaving like that - should you then be allowed to set up a charity and run one? Mind charities get tax breaks, so are different to your standard business. I reckon charities should be held to a higher moral standard. because of the tax breaks they get over a standard business. A lot of self interest at stake here, who's gonna give to a charity associated with that kind of thing? I'd guess nobody.
  13. Brendan Cox

    Is the issue not that Cox set up 2 charities, after allegedly holding a woman by the throat and telling her he wanted to ***k her - whilst he was working for a charity at the time? Fair enough is a witch hunt on at the moment, but is anyone seriously suggesting Brendan Cox should be in charge of a charity?! It's not like he denied it happened.
  14. Any chance of a meet the manager

    Steve Clarke has more important things to do at the moment - like the need to mastermind a game plan for the upcoming fixture pile up! Sure he can give you an evening of his time during the close season for the charitable virtue signalling! I agree though - he is as a football manger, completely brilliant.
  15. £10,000 for everyone under 55

    Poorest spend almost all their income in their own "manor" mate. Thus, income redistribution like this is more equitable on a community basis right across the country. Is what sets it apart over the Irvine development corporation or other ways they invest or redistribute money by the state. Is clever way of doing it and better than even tax credits n stuff - cos your not paying someone to assess the validity of the claims - is a universal benefit. Despite the more tax for top earners it entails, they'd be less crime too with less poverty - is f. in obvious - wearing my sociology hat lol Is much less daft an idea than it seems!

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