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  1. No issue with the loans, can be up to 7 international loans.
  2. Next Manager Thread

    Yep, not a word!!!!!! http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41618076
  3. New Hearts Boss

    So the only man Craig Levein could find to work with himself is... Craig Levein!
  4. Lee Erwin

    Just an observation but Interestingly he tended to score goals against the better teams in the division: Bolton, Fleetwood, Peterborough, Oxford, Sc**thorpe.
  5. Andrew Robertson

    Scottish players at top teams- who can forget Andy Goram at Man Utd!
  6. McCulloch transfer target?

    Hope so, just stating what I've heard.
  7. McCulloch transfer target?

    Heard rumour of Taylor + cash (100k) for Sammon. Would explain why we're after Watters.
  8. Scott Boyd n Rory McKenzie injured

    Pretty much guarantees Martin Smith starting tonight then with Wilson or Dicker dropping into the back 4.
  9. Warburton is gone.

    The gift that keeps on giving. f**king hilarious!
  10. Accies match thread

    From the warm up looks like Wilson at cb.
  11. Partick Away

    Never in doubt. If you're worried bout the old firm wear a hard hat! Banned from ipox not firhill.
  12. Where our supporters come from?

    Born in Irvine Royal, lived in Kilwinning then Irvine and found the killie when living in Newton Mearns when everyone around me was sevco. Now living in Airdrie and everyone around me is sevco!.
  13. Celtic Away

    Bit harsh, Dembele did well to get in front of his man for both goals. We've done alright, this is where Dicker is at his best when he just focuses on breaking up play. whatever happens our goal was worth £26 alone.
  14. Lee Clark wins

    Yep, 26.3%. Played 19, Won 5, Drawn 4, Lost 10
  15. New strip release date.

    Check out the Hartlepool tie....... No red!

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