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  1. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Big shout out to the fans who attended I was working in Paisley till half six and when the radio cut to the match all I could hear was our fans, stellar work gentlemen take a bow.
  2. Kris Boyd has 128 goals...

    Looks a different player under Clarke, just shows the dearth of management talent in Scotland when the team of the establishment couldn’t get the most prolific marksman in modern Scottish football scoring regularly (likewise with our previous incumbents). I think we are witnessing the final flourish of a talent that could have achieved so much more if he hadn’t went to his boyhood heroes and had found the right manager
  3. Dundee match thread

    What a club, what a manager, what a team. Kilmarnock Football Club, the oldest ant still the best. Primes Inter Pares.
  4. Hun/Fenian

    They don’t seem to get that it’s “tatties” and only “totties” if you’re of immigrant descent
  5. Hun/Fenian

    This for me I work in a workshop which is 90% OF. And this is normal non offensive terminology between them. Meanwhile we are tottie howkers. Don’t hear the huns/tims without the bus fare s**t thankfully although it helps that we’ve skelped both arse cheeks this season
  6. Happy new year

    Happy New Year to all the Killie faithful, truly Gods’ chosen people and here’s to a wee cup run in 2018
  7. Ballboy Yesterday.

    Broad foot was held in the “He’ll no dae” catagorie and judged “Not Rangers class” by a majority of their fans who thought Steven Whitaker was a player
  8. Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas all and love and kisses to Stevie Clarkes’ pink parts
  9. What the best you’ve ever seen us play?

    Home game against Celtic in 2011 absolutely dominated them and were 3 up at half time. Second half the ref toed the line and the comeback was started by a free kick from a Stokes dive. I think I left that match angrier than I’d ever been at Rugby Park. Or may be the game against Motherwell after the cup final in 2012. The team were applauded on to the park and were imperious, I remember thinking “next year we will be amazing”. Little did I know what was about to happen.
  10. Youssouf Mulumbu

    How about ”Yousouf Mulumbu, Youssouf Mulumbu Lets go watching Mulumbu today and we’ll sing and we’ll roar when we see Mulumbu score if you come watching Mulumbu with me”
  11. Youssouf Mulumbu

    It would seem there are only two explanations for this state of affairs, 1 There is a possibility of some kind of short term deal or, 2 Steve Clarke is the best coach he has worked with and he trusts him to get back to his best. In my opinion neither of these scenarios are detrimental to Killie
  12. The Gaffer

    Is it too early for a bit of Hot Chocolate I believe in miracles
  13. Killie V Hibs

    They call it Galloshans (spelling unsure), apparently it’s the origins of guising and was the traditional thing years ago involving several days and dramatic productions. Greenock and the port are one of a handful of places in Great Britain that still hold on to the tradition,
  14. Was That Boyds Swan Song...

    Let's face it Kris Boyd is Scotlands fat Ronaldo, he could score for the first thirty or so years of his life without thinking about it. However genetics and time seem to have got them both at an age that seems too early. I suppose the brightest stars burn the fastest. Either that or there is a Celtic fan in the canteen at Murray park sabotaging the carefully planned diet plans of their "stars". How else could you explain the fortunes of the four strikers that have just been jettisoned by the rangers. Boyd's maybe just got a really heavy MSG habit that means he can't pass a Chinese takeaway edit for spelling
  15. Them v Killie fred 14/07/14

    Absolutely right, it was very apparent in the first half that the new guys thought that they only had to step onto the park against the newly relegated team. By the time they got it the game was gone and we were chasing the game against a team who knew what it was about and each other

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