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  1. Lee Erwin

    Its inconceivable that Clarke wont bring in a striker in January. Erwin has been virtually anonymous. He doesn't hold it up. He doesn't win anything in the air. Really bad when Boyd comes on and looks more mobile and much more likely to score.
  2. Dundee away thread

    Pathetic ? A one on one chance he ran 80 yards to get on the end of. Give him a break. Aye it was a sitter. But pathetic - I don't think so.
  3. Dundee away thread

    At the game on Saturday I didn't fancy Brophy and Erwin being brought on together. I would rather have seen Frizz on for Burke. And I cursed Erwin missing the 1 on 1. But..... SC gambled and both strikers had match winning chances - after virtually no other chances being created in the rest of the game. Ok they didn't take them. But in Erwin's defence (and hes not my favourite player) he cleared the corner and then ran 80 yards to get on the end of Jones through ball. So sure Boyd would have had more composure 1 on 1 with the keeper but there's not a chance in hell he'd have had the fitness to get into the position in the first place ! In terms of Taylor I don't think he needs a rest. His fitness is excellent and he gets stronger the longer the game goes - its been the same pattern from the Thistle game to Saturday. Unfortunately on Saturday he had several poor touches and gave away possession which isn't like him. But again he's a young boy and I'm all for sticking with him and Power in centre mid.
  4. POWER to the people

    Said the same thing to my mate today. In addition he also moved Taylor to centre mid, brought in Findlay at left back and played Jones off Boyd rather than as a winger. All very insightful changes as it turned out. However I remember thinking it was a helluva gamble when we got to Firhill that day !! So fair play to Paul McDonald - he knew exactly what he was doing. The fact that Steve Clarke has stuck with virtually the same team endorses that. Just shows the coaching capability we have within the Club.
  5. Hibs Vs Killie Match Day Thread

    I thought Findlay played Boyle well tonight. Apart from the 2nd goal I thought he played really well but he was caught out with the same ball as Griffiths scored from on Saturday. Felt sorry for him but we can't give away cheap goals like that
  6. Jamie MacDonald

    I think you're right about the Celtic goal. However you need to let this preoccupation go. The guy saved a penalty and had another brilliant save against Rangers. Of all the issues facing us up until Steve Clarkes appointment Jamie McDonald's selection was a spec of dirt on the windscreen. Let it go man.
  7. Rangers match

    That was my argument. Maybe rules have changed but if not then it should have been a retake. However the way rangers imploded missing penalty. Jack getting sent off then conceding our goal was comedy gold
  8. Rangers match

    Power playing well. We need to keep ball better to allow us to get out. Jones looks dangerous. - if we can get him to run at the defence . Rangers playing quite high up the park. Boyds only touch so far has been restart. Not sure why he's on
  9. Kris Boyd has 115 goals...

    Any criticism directed at Boyd by the fans comes from his weight/lack of fitness and also, whilst he is struggling with this, his media work and fascination with all things Rangers. Both of these seem perfectly reasonable gripes to me about a professional footballer and senior player at our club. If that's enough to put Boyd in the huff then he needs to put his petted lip away. Despite his fitness he'll still get double figure goals this season. His goalscoring ability is unquestionable but it's being hampered by his lack of sharpness. Until this season I'd always defind him against his critics. But his GIRGUY yesterday was petulant pish. I hope Stevie Clarke isn't the pushover LM was in terms of senior pros.
  10. Jags away fred

    Brave selection by Paul McDonald. Have to admit I thought the same as most people who posted on 1st page of this thread. Broadfoot back in gave me the fear and Power came from nowhere. 3 hours later though and what a boost that was. Power played really well in first half and gave platform for Taylor and frizzell to dominate midfield in the 2nd. Playing Jones off the front also worked well. His pace is fantastic and he terrorised them . Final ball still largely gash right enough !! Midfield protected back four well so none of 2 centre backs got isolated. And a word of praise for Stephen ODonnell . He was excellent. I'm not a big fan of Rorys footballing ability but today showed is value as a worker. Why LM and PL couldn't get a performance like that out of them I don't know. But that was a different team today. Let's kick on Stevie
  11. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    Fair play to the Board. The fans desire not to have one of the usual suspects has been taken on board. A bit of leadership at last. Hope Clarke gets some momentum going. Looking forward to Firhill today. Good luck to Stevie and his Team
  12. Next Manager Thread

    Apart from Shiels winning the Cup obviously.....................
  13. Next Manager Thread

    I'd be happy with John Hughes. Firmly expect to be in a minority of 1 though !! I like how his teams play and his character. I'm writing Raith off as an aberration
  14. The Lee McCulloch Is Gone Thread

    Thanks for posting that skydog. Do you think these players realise how bad it sounds that they are admitting collectively not working hard enough. Do they think fans are going to be pleased at their'honesty' ? Astounds me. And Steven Smith pondering what he'll do in the future is literally incredible.

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