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  1. Motherwell away, Fred

    Great performance. I never felt they would equalise. We contained them brilliantly. Clarke is simply an outstanding coach. Thought 3 centre backs was a mistake in the first half but he was right. The longer the game went the more we contained ciftci main and then bowman when he came on. Everyone put in a real shift. Special mention to SOD and Taylor. We're in uncharted territory here. It's fantastic.
  2. Dundee Highlights

    It was neither definite nor hands. It might have been armball. And that might be a penalty but the ref was in no position to be definite. He guessed. That's the issue. Not whether with the benefit of a slow motion camera angle from behind the calls he got his guess right.
  3. Line up face Brora Rangers

    We're on a run. I'd play our strongest team. If we get a comfortable lead then we give others game time. If we don't we nail a victory , keep the run going and avoid a replay in the Highlands on a Wednesday night. Momentum is important. Don't mess with it just to see if we can beat Brora with squad players. Get into the Cup quarter finals as soon as possible.
  4. Steven Naismith

  5. is the "we are Killie" song unacceptable

    Superb !!
  6. Steven Naismith

    I've got a totally unsubstantiated good feeling about this. Come on Naisy.
  7. is the "we are Killie" song unacceptable

    Well if the Glasgow Uni contingent disapprove of the phrase then thats all the reason I need for me to vote No in this poll.
  8. Songs

    You keep asserting that. It doesn't make it true. Context is everything. It's a clear reference to the colour of their strips. Has been for the 40 years I've been at Killie games. In terms of singing we are the killie boys, I've always liked the idea that our version neutralises the sectarian connotation. The fact that celtic Aberdeen or any other fans suggest it makes us the wee rangers is laughable. They're just looking for something to be offended at
  9. Songs

    Spot on .
  10. County away Fred

    Complete respect to anyone who made that trip tonight. Outstanding
  11. County away Fred

    Great comeback. SC did business at half time. The stats suggest we dominated 2nd half ??
  12. County away Fred

    Time for SC to rally the troops at half time
  13. Lee Erwin

    Its inconceivable that Clarke wont bring in a striker in January. Erwin has been virtually anonymous. He doesn't hold it up. He doesn't win anything in the air. Really bad when Boyd comes on and looks more mobile and much more likely to score.
  14. Dundee away thread

    Pathetic ? A one on one chance he ran 80 yards to get on the end of. Give him a break. Aye it was a sitter. But pathetic - I don't think so.
  15. Dundee away thread

    At the game on Saturday I didn't fancy Brophy and Erwin being brought on together. I would rather have seen Frizz on for Burke. And I cursed Erwin missing the 1 on 1. But..... SC gambled and both strikers had match winning chances - after virtually no other chances being created in the rest of the game. Ok they didn't take them. But in Erwin's defence (and hes not my favourite player) he cleared the corner and then ran 80 yards to get on the end of Jones through ball. So sure Boyd would have had more composure 1 on 1 with the keeper but there's not a chance in hell he'd have had the fitness to get into the position in the first place ! In terms of Taylor I don't think he needs a rest. His fitness is excellent and he gets stronger the longer the game goes - its been the same pattern from the Thistle game to Saturday. Unfortunately on Saturday he had several poor touches and gave away possession which isn't like him. But again he's a young boy and I'm all for sticking with him and Power in centre mid.

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