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  1. Manager of the month

    Cheers. Knew he was there in the 2nd div. Just forgot he wasn't manager
  2. Manager of the month

    I don't think so. Im sure it was the 2nd div. Top league being the Premier league.
  3. Manager of the month

    Clarke's record is phenomenal. To do what Burn's did but two leagues above is exceptional. It certainly does dispel the myth that Shiels was a good manager.
  4. Aaron Tshibola

    I don't see it as showing a lot of faith unless we're paying big wages. I see it as a no lose situation. Guy probably likes Clarke and Clarke obviously likes him; this means we should see some application from the player.. From all accounts that seems to have been what's missing.
  5. Dundee away thread

    Weird thing is Clarke has done what Mcculloch did when he came in. Organised the defence and made us harder to beat.
  6. Ajer

    I agree. It is ridiculous. Although I do think it holds up better if the manager signed the player rather than inheriting him
  7. Jordan Jones

    Bad choice of words
  8. We got the power

    He stated that after he found out he was pish, fat and nowhere near a first team player. As it turns out,every bit of what I've typed above looks like being s**te.
  9. Celtic Away Thread (Formerly Fred)

    During the "we're a good team waiting to gel" phase. Thst might actually be true now
  10. Celtic Away Thread (Formerly Fred)

    ....... means there are more to follow. Which games are they? Id go back and point out all the games where it has happened but I can't be f**ked. Its most of them
  11. Celtic Away Thread (Formerly Fred)

    Brilliant. So happy right now. One note of caution. We haven't managed to stop going behind yet. Been a trait all season. Hopefully just because it was the old firm
  12. Weirdly, although I agree with some of your sentiment, this is the bit that f**ks me off most. If he was putting in the effort to be fit and be the best he can be I'd put up with most of the other stuff
  13. What the f**k is happening here ---

    I can't decide if this is fantastic irony or fantastic stupidity.
  14. Next Manager Thread

    Winning a champions league gets you a certain kind of kudos. If he couldn't turn that into being a manager in Portugal but instead ended up in Gabon, I'd think that says enough. No thanks

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