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  1. Dundee match thread

  2. Dundee match thread

    No Dicker, Mulumbu n Power sounds sare.
  3. Dundee match thread

  4. Don't run out of pies in the Brora end.

    I did Montrose with a half day and had to avoid casuals for a couple of hours. Guid night.
  5. Fat Ally

    If we weren't paying McCoist as much we would have kept Gary Holt. He was asking for half of what Norwich were offering but fat Sally had eaten up the funds.
  6. Brora Fred

    I think Brora are in trouble.
  7. Line up face Brora Rangers

    Last 8 of cup beckons, can't change goalie. Rest Boyd n Greer only hopefully.
  8. Oldest player

    I thought McCluskey was older.
  9. Last minute deals

    I'm sure you were told he was a dick and a troublemaker.
  10. Hawkshaw away to stranraer

    He should be good in that league.
  11. Hippos good news

    And this FFS. Sit doon.
  12. Hippos good news

    It wasn't a joke. That's how bad your patter is that you think it was?!
  13. Streaming Aberdeen game for expats.

    It is on mine but as I said at the beginning for ex pat's, outwith UK. Or UK with a vpn.
  14. Just noticed it's live on Bet365. This means it's possibly the Alba game or being shown somewhere. There should be streams if you don't have bet365. Yaldy!
  15. Clarke going nowhere

    Club miles before country.

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