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  1. If Jig quits

    Oops. https://therangersreport.com/2017/07/20/the-best-managers-in-scottish-football-since-2011-12/
  2. If Jig quits

  3. The clock is ticking

    John Hughes is awful!?
  4. If Jig quits

    I would go for a massively radical plan for the next manager and actually f**king interview all candidates who deserve an interview. We could even ask questions about how they would develop the younger teams, what are your aims for each season, how do you plan to win the fans back. Y'know not have a f**king laughed n a joke and try to become a professional club. Managers fall into jobs in Scotland and lower English league's due to their name. Could we look for coaching badges, experience and possibly mental s**t like sport science qualifications or experience of. Maybe even a brain cos Locke ghosted through.
  5. A response from Sandy Armour please

    MJ is far from gone, how could somebody not know this?
  6. A Culture Problem at the club

    The team need to be torn a new arsehole, Greer is just pointing it out. Managers job to now deal with it, Broadfoot should just be released.
  7. Stream today?

    No streams today as not being televised anywhere.
  8. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

    Someone I know thinks Boyd thought he wasn't playing and trained accordingly this week, not good enough, finnish!
  9. Homesick: Manager in the Standard

    Won 8 out of 40 home games. 18 out of 70 matches. Lee won 4 out of 16. We need drastic changes to improve the players we have on the training pitch for fitness and attitude or I sadly see us fighting relegation again. If players don't improve they need to be dropped and youngsters given their chance.
  10. Starting 11 for celtic

    It's the non tackling of o'halloran that scares the s**te out me, imagine what those Celtic attackers will do.
  11. Starting 11 for celtic

    Aw here mate, how long does McKenzie get to do f**k all in every position? Hadn't read whole thread yet, I see it's been covered fella. People need dropped, like McKenzie, doesn't matter who comes in we're getting pumped, it's experience for any youngster. Everybody settling into a settled team doesn't work if they've been s**t.
  12. Mad weekend bet

    Good luck buddy, I'll pass though.
  13. Kirk Broadfoot??

    Never sign your friends!
  14. Hearts (h) Fred 12/08

    Pulled Goncalves hair supposedly
  15. Mathias Pogba

    Did he not already fail a trial with us.

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