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  1. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Kin signing!
  2. One of our own

    Hooky? Hmmm.
  3. U20's V St Johnstone

    Nope only 2018, that info is wrong.
  4. U20's V St Johnstone

    Yup, he needs a deal sooner rather than later, scores crackers from midfield and it's not his favourite position.
  5. Kirk Broadfoot

    Credit where it's due. Never rated him but certainly bucked himself up now. Good luck to him.
  6. Lee Erwin/4-4-2

    George McLuskey was 38/39.
  7. Coulibaly

    He would be exactly what we need. He'd be fit in no time. Totally ficussed, moved back to Killie for a reason too. He should pop down and have a word with Stevie Clarke, seems approachable, does no harm
  8. Crowd Tuesday

    As Gaz said on another thread, why worry about Hibs when we've put in that display at Septic Park against better players.
  9. Celtic Away Thread (Formerly Fred)

    3 likes for your patter the day young fulla!
  10. Rangers match

    Nobody shown Stevie the clubfoot highlights?
  11. streaming games for expats

    Rangers game going to be streaming, couldn't see it on their site?
  12. Some buzz around the place

    The buzz was already there when Burns signed but that topped it off. I remember I was sitting in the car with my dad waiting on my mum coming out her work, behind John Menzies, when west sound announced it. My auld dad had to get out the car and wander about he was so hyped up. A massive coup for us closely followed by Stark and many other players we thought were out our league. Great times.
  13. Meet the manager ?.

    What happened? Any thing to report?
  14. Is it time............

    Kudos. I have never seen that but still, investment can only happen when you are seeing your fellow owners contributing. A 30% owner should not benefit from others investment without a similar contribution. Is this not common sense.
  15. Is it time............

    Skydog, expect better from you. Who will invest large sums while MJ still has such a substantial share holding that he can't sell yet? Crazy to think he's gone.

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