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  1. Away fans

    Said this yesterday. Offer a decent payment plan for folks and I reckon they'd shift a few
  2. Kirk Broadfoot

    Turning into a bit of a cult hero. To be fair he should be pretty solid at this level and he's been a big part of the run we're on with some great performances. Still looks like he could pick up the odd red card or give away a penalty through a bit of stupidity but I've warmed to him. If he played for anyone else we'd hate his guts ha
  3. Alex McLeish

    How can they have run out of candidates? There has never been a proper process of inviting applicants in the first place. Think they had a list of 3 names, O'Neill, Watty and Mcleish
  4. Flying from Newcastle/Hotel/Car Parking

    Flying from Manchester ourselves again this year. Nearly £300 a head difference in price than Glasgow. No brainer.
  5. Dundee match thread

    Christ knows where we pulled that from. We were pretty rotten for 45 mins or more, Findlay was getting a roasting, Scott Boyd looked lost and the midfield was non existant...then we just seemed to get annoyed, rolled our sleeves up and dragged a performance out of nothing. What a smashing game of football that was. Erwin was outstanding for the time he was on and Tshibola really grew into it and stepped up when Dicker went off. He seems to be starting to realise that up here you don't get half a dozen touches before you need to make a decision. When he gets a few more games under his belt I think we could he a real good one.
  6. Liam Miller - Sad news indeed

    They kind of posted a headline about Liam Miller texting 'his jealous friends about his move to the MSL'... Made it out like he was being a bit of a dick to people about him moving to America. It didn't read good and they rightly took it down and apologised
  7. Aaron Tshibola

    No chance I don't believe that If true I'd be amazed no one around pulled the culprit up and slapped them down.
  8. Fat Ally

    Was thinking that after I typed it actually.
  9. Fat Ally

    I don't mind him Hat trick v hearts was cracking. Late winner v motherwell at fir Park as well? His time in charge of the huns was hilarious and a vital part of the so called 'banter years' He was decent on question of sport too.
  10. Matchdays

    Have you been in the sports bar...ever? It's bad enough to get a pint when it's 2/3 busy as its pretty poorly laid out imo can only imagine kids running about in it too. Not enough space in it. I'm with the post saying get it done up and running like a semi decent boozer first, hotel has loads of space to let kids run about daft in the caprington suite or something.
  11. A Tactical Analysis of Killie 1-0 Celtic

    Nobody on here read that whole opening post. I got to the first wee picture
  12. How do we boost the crowd for the Hibs game ?

    Spot on. Price reduction isn't going to attract enough extra folk to make up the difference. Multi match tickets or half seasons, the club are trying to get more in. We need to get to grips with the fact it's going to take a lot of time to get the majority of lapsed punters back. I'm all for free tickets for primary school kids or kids football teams though
  13. Anonymous red cards

    You're very angry sounding.
  14. Home wins over Celtic

    Broono not score a peach in that one too. Carl Muggleton in goals for Celtic?
  15. Scott Brown

    I've been patiently waiting since mulumbu made his debut, for him to come against the so called best midfielder in the country. Wasn't disappointed at all a class apart and put him in his place. He could well go down as one of the best, technically at least, to pull on the stripes. It's quite unbelievable he's here and going by his interviews he seems to be enjoying it. Brown never got near him

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