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  1. Sod for scotland

    carol vorderman was fit as f**k
  2. Home Attendance Tomorrow

    f**king working the 12.30 has a lot to do with attendance i wasnt finished until 13.45 gutted
  3. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas
  4. Next Manager Thread

    I was informed tonight its mcintyre and dodds get your cash on tmrrw
  5. Dons Fred

    get all the huns out our club ffs
  6. tic (a) 08/08/17 (bet) fred

    i have absolutely zero confidence in mcculloch
  7. tic (a) 08/08/17 (bet) fred

    f**k a shot
  8. tic (a) 08/08/17 (bet) fred

    and ayr outplayed us
  9. tic (a) 08/08/17 (bet) fred

    how many other teams in the spl would sign broadfoot burke smith i tell you none thats where were at all hun pals picking up a wage mcculloch included seen this coming and will continue depressing stuff
  10. Sir David Murray - Deadco cheated BOOM!!!!

    what happens now comment please i would strip titles cups etc go after players , boardroom members ,managers for ebt loan repayment to oldco creditors and wound up club admins all rangers men on sfa and spfl to resign asap all clubs chairmen supporters groups to demand action for all the years of cheating
  11. Boydie's Sun Column

    they should now be stripped of titles and trophies hmrc will now go after individuals who received ebts doncaster ogilvie regan all complicit in this, every club in scotland should be demanding actions against the hun and compensation for league placing and trophies cheated in sfa corrupt dead co corrupt spfl corrupt we have all been paying into rigged competitions for years if this was an athlete or individual they would be classed as cheats and lose all titles and banning orders put in place i predict deafening silence
  12. Our personal hun correspondent strikes again

    he should retire right now as he offers f**k all on the pitch picking up a wage at the expense of younger player(s) mcculloch should have had the balls to sub both ex hun pals boyd and smith at ht in recent dundee match f**kin turning killie into joke
  13. Aberdeen game did the KFCSA decide on any protest ?

    ffs its not rocket science dont attend its that easy go to the pub get a few pints and watch game on tv all media would talk about is how and why no one there i bought ma ticket and im going attitude keeps mj in place and if you keep attending you are personally responsible for keeping him there and if your really really brave go to the ground and vent your feelings at the board in the hotel ,outside ground or in the streets dont go in

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