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  1. Tickets for Tuesday

    Just leaving Kelso, need to calm doon!
  2. Marciano

    Colin meldrum
  3. Paul Clarke

    I remember being there and john Bourke was running the bar.
  4. Fat Ally

    Thought it was Hazel Irvine? Allegedly
  5. Where are all of the Killie fans based?

    Irvine , now Kelso
  6. The Great Killie Goalies Discussion

    Was that against Morton midweek?, always thought it was a 50/50 with Andy Ritchie? The years may have changed my recollection! I think he was in another Scotland squad and rumoured to be starting, but had to withdraw.
  7. What was your first game?

    First home game, 1978 scottish cup replay v Celtic and won 1-0 with Big D scoring. First away game, tennent caledonian cup final 1979 at Ibrox . Beat Rangers on penalties Years later i had thought that woukld be the only time i would see us lifting a trophy outwith the Ayrshire cup!
  8. ‘97 Cup Final Print

    I think i paid about £80?
  9. Dens Away Seating

    I got married on the Thursday prior to that match - so i could go to the football on the Saturday! Was living in Peterborough at the time, married on Thursday in Irvine , Edinburgh for honeymoon and train to Dens on Saturday 'She' still brings it up!

    Looking back, i can't believe the hate i had for simpleton

    Henry Templeton
  12. Help please for Friday night !!!

    Rod Stewart 2 x tickets for sale (pitch seating) £120 the pair- well below face value
  13. Oh No

    Watched the game on Alba and seething. Not that 'they' got promoted,but that we are that close to being at the same level. And all down to the mismanagment of that despot MJ.

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