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  1. Top Six Secured

    Guaranteed top 6 - superb!
  2. gers away, Fred

  3. Season Report

    Last night was gutting, no doubt about it. However, 6 months ago, we had three points from 8 games, had been hammered in the League Cup, and my own personal feeling was that we were going to get relegated or be in a relegation battle similar to recent years if things didn't change. To now have had a season where we are comfortably top 6 (or should be), and are gutted to lose a quarter final in the Scottish Cup to what has been the second best team in Scotland for the past few years on penalties says it all. We have made massive strides and will continue to do for the remainder of the season - I have no doubt about that. Everyone in the club deserves so much praise - from the board, to the management team, to the players. I haven't been able to go to as many games recently due to living away, but the past few months and the games I have been to / watched have been brilliant - the best for me since I first started going way back when. We are very lucky to have the manager we have - lets continue to enjoy it this season and progress next season. 2018-19 could be brilliant if we keep our management team and players together!
  4. Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    Hamilton SLO is being very sympathetic on Twitter ....thought their role was to help support the development of Scottish football and represent the fans...!
  5. Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    Like you Fraz, my first away game in 8 years and was really looking forward to it. To call it off an hour and a half before kick off when they clearly knew there was a problem much earlier today is a joke.
  6. Well Match Day Thread

    We have a top top manager and as a result we are now winning games we would have capitulated in with managers past. Let’s continue to enjoy it with him at the helm!
  7. Sandy Ferguson

    Terrible news - a true gentleman. Rest in peace Sandy.
  8. If MJ is still here at the turn of the year....

    1 more adult season ticket, more shares bought, and more merchandise purchases from our family. Happy to contribute to a holding fund as well.
  9. bairns (h) 22/05

    Next goal important...
  10. failkirk away 19/05

    Kiltie dived in stupidly. Tonight just optimises not just our season but the way the club has been going the past few years. We have players who can't even keep focused for 91 minutes. They put the effort in, but they just aren't good enough. It has been accepted by those at the top for too long - indeed those at the top are and have been the main problem making poor decision after poor decision. Sunday is going to be a real struggle.

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