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  1. Let’s be having you

    Free internet streaming must play a big part in it.
  2. Psychology and perception

    This is a very good read. I said to my son the other week during the first half of the Killie v Rangers game that if you took away the massive support and the strips they were playing in, that Rangers team was no different to a Dundee or a Ross County. They were bang average. Perception and psychology goes a long way in Scottish football. https://footballpink.net/2018/01/04/scottish-footballs-crisis-of-confidence/
  3. Time For..... ?

    No chance. For the first time since we won the Scottish Cup I think we’re due a decent run in it. You’d be daft to destabilise a team that’s playing well. One of the reasons we’ve done well recently is due to the consistency of the starting 11.
  4. Kirk Broadfoot

    The big fella was outstanding today. Never lost a header and was playing up front for most of that brilliant spell in the second half.
  5. Bristol City

    Some result for wee Lee’s team tonight. Two terrific goals. ‘Mon the wee teams.
  6. Jordan Jones

    Michael O’Neil’s interview at the end: ”We’ve brought on young Jordan Jones, who plays for Kilmarnock....and they’re waiting to bring on £20 milllion players.”
  7. Training

    Are you sure about Killie training there? I’ve heard Super Ally was keen on the dogging scene that was all the rage down there in the mid-late 90s. Maybe you bumped into him mid session. Did he have his kit on?
  8. Spare tickets?

    You can pay at the gate though, aye? My pal is up visiting from England and was going to come with me. Surely it’ll be a hassle-free operation to gain access to the ground. I was assuming there’d be a pay on the gate option.
  9. Hearts away

    Just wait until we rip up our carpet of a pitch and replace it with good old-fashioned grass. All the folk moaning on here about being inconvenienced with the Hearts situation will then be defending Kilmarnock’s inability to have a pitch ready for the agreed deadline. If Hearts’ ground isn’t ready for our game in November, there’s not a whole lot anyone on here can do about it. A good moan is a good moan, but wait until the boot is on the other foot. We’ll be begging teams to swap/delay fixtures in the next year or so.
  10. Cut Price Season Tickets?

    If anyone deserves a cut price season ticket it’s the hardy few who’ve gone week in, week out every home game for the past few years.

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