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  1. George Green

    The most tedious of all patter is boasting about what newpaser you chose to or chose not to read. Zzzzzzzz
  2. Burnley

    Burnley in league 1 is a bigger job than rangers
  3. Brodge to Arsenal ? Get tae f**k.
  4. Anti-Semitism debate

    Never seen any bigotry or racism from SNP voters on here. None. Nadda. Sure pappy joe.
  5. Anti-Semitism debate

    What’s yer problem with blowing up some chemical weapon facilities that had no civilian casualties. I guess you enjoy watching little kids foaming at the mouth on telly.
  6. Burnley

    I was at Burnley v man Citeh this season. Mon the clarets. We. Hate. Bastards.
  7. 2,500 Killie fans in Hamilton

    f**k me! Well played everyone.
  8. Greg Taylor contract

    Love reading folk supporting the arsenal business model and FFP until oil f**ked it
  9. Greg Taylor contract

    Just been googgling Douglas Miles. Couldn't find him. Turns out you said Douglas is Miles ahead of him, and you mean some wolves player called Barry Douglas. f**k him Taylor is not miles behind. Taylor been better than Tierney this season an aww.
  10. Today's Attendance

    I'll get a new pair of pants
  11. Today's Attendance

    I'm off the scale on positive. The fans are back. What's the point on going on and on about getting the fans back. They're back.
  12. Today's Attendance

    Cheers Einstein
  13. Today's Attendance

  14. Today's Attendance

    What the f**k is fishing about that? Every interview, even on the recent player contract signings, they're all talking about "getting the fans back". It's relentless and they all seem to be drilled to keep saying the same thing over and over again. Give it a f**king bye. The fans are back. How many thousand do you think are hiding around the corner waiting to come back? Only a few hundred NAPM nuggets f**ked off. If you are so concerned about empty seats let's talk about getting new fans, that's where the opportunity is, but any fans you are expecting to come back are already back, and there's been nothing slow about it.
  15. Today's Attendance

    There's nothing slowly about it either

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