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  1. Hamilton away

    Extremely excited
  2. Killie mention at commonwealth games

    Claire works at the turnstiles on matchdays at Rugby Park
  3. Dreamland

    Yes I am. What a win
  4. Dons match fred

  5. Manager of the month

    I love big Alex
  6. Erwin's Goal

    He changed the game @ Aberdeen as well. Truly loving this boys attitude!
  7. Erwin's Goal

    One word : Sublime.
  8. Now on a Canadian TV programme called 21 Thunder. On UK Netflix right now, casted as Ryan Pierce. Still got the accent. Almost as good as Allan Russell’s appearance on River City
  9. Jambos, Fred

    Better team second half with a couple of chances. Penalty was caused by slackness from Mulumbu then his urgency to try and win the ball back fouls Lafferty. Big lump got up and Sir Jamie saves the day. No points would’ve been very harsh on us. Another good point on the road and another game without defeat. Onwards to the next!
  10. Retro Phone Cases

    Nice one!
  11. Retro Phone Cases

    Enjoyed browsing all the retro classic phone cases on this website but a Killie one was no where to be seen so I emailed them a few strip options and amazingly they’ve produced. http://www.retroclasico.co.uk/product/kilmarnock-1991-iphone-samsung-galaxy-phone-case/ Top class!
  12. Last Min Goals

    Burke’s 95th minute this season is up there. Just cause the circumstances fell into place so beautifully, missed penalty to goal!
  13. Motherwell

    8-10 of us going. Buzzing
  14. Sky Sports News

    Boydys finish and celebration gets better and better

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