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  1. why would you give this mob a dontation?
  2. hope sellick come in with a bid of dembele dollars
  3. Steven Naismith

    get those beans spilled as soon as possible
  4. Chris Burke to Man City?

    Man s**tty are footballing scum
  5. 4 seems a high number considering SSC was saying he was happy with what he had at the moment
  6. is the "we are Killie" song unacceptable

    I agree with this
  7. Would defo take Anya if JJ was to go
  8. Steady on, Shug!

    must be to keep his clientele half and half happy
  9. Steady on, Shug!

    whats the other half of his scarf?
  10. Loan deals.

    Ajer has a far better chance with us than that dirty east end mob
  11. Bobby Williamson

    very sad but best wishes Bobby, thoughts are with you and family
  12. Offensive Behaviour at Football Act leaflets

    this organisation should be banned
  13. Offensive Behaviour at Football Act leaflets

    being a Turk I have nothing to say on this matter
  14. St Johnstone Away 2nd Dec

    £20 quid would have been a rounder number and more appropriate
  15. Days Like These

    what a day, shame I have had to come into work after a day with the mad men

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