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  1. Penalties

    For pulling someone's hair as well. You'd think a professional footballer would know better. The sooner we get rid, the better
  2. Penalties

    Remember how nervous we got when Sissoko was playing for us? It's 100 times worse with Broadfoot. The man is a complete liability
  3. Penalties

    Surprisingly Broadfoot hasn't gave any of them away
  4. The clock is ticking

    Beginning to look that way
  5. The clock is ticking

    McCulloch's time must be about up. The start to the season has been shocking, we can't keep going like this or we're down.
  6. Clyde Match Day Fred

    Yes, he's Clyde number 10
  7. Clyde Match Day Fred

    Burke on for power
  8. Clyde Match Day Fred

    It's going to be a long season. Again.
  9. Next captain

    Hence why I said "would've"
  10. Next captain

    I like what I've seen of him. Would've liked to see him and Connolly pair up.
  11. Next captain

    With Mark Connolly away we'll be looking for a new captain. Who does everyone want?

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