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  1. Stlll a great season

    When it takes over 210 mins for the 2nd best team in the league to beat us, you know your doing something right. Killie are back big time - don't ever forget it!!!!
  2. Tickets for Tuesday

    the club have just announced that you've to sit on your allocated seat and it won' be open seating
  3. £1.80 for an irn bru in the sports bar One pound fooking eighty pence for a can of juice!! No wonder I drink lager most of the time!!
  4. Rossco Fred

    Letting in those 2 goals is a wee reminder that we can't take things for granted. If it was gonna happen then today was the ideal time for it as SC will boot arses and will have the lads fired up for Tuesday night.
  5. Killie v St. Johnstone

    Been told mulumbu isn't fit for tonight but should be back for the Ross county and Aberdeen games
  6. Semi-final date and KO time

    If we get to the semis do we get a cut of the old firm gate as well as our gate? I'm sure I read somewhere that the 4 semi finalists split the money between them but can't seem to find it again.
  7. Development team V celtic Tues 7pm at RP

    Enjoyed that game tonight, ref had a howler though. Every time I watch ursene mouanda I always think he looks like a good prospect, he's always breaking up the play and looking to get us forward. Obviously it'l be difficult for him to get into our midfield at the moment but I think he's certainly one for the future. I cant believe sevco let him go.
  8. The Killie fans

    Sorry for bringing this old thread back up. Harley has been in touch with me asking for my address to send some Perth Glory stuff, hes still following our results and sends his best wishes. I dont know If the club will be interested but if they are I will pass everything onto them to put on display or something.
  9. Hearts Away

    God help us ;-)
  10. Jordan Jones

    1 before he falls, 1 on the same player when he gets back up, 1 on the next player, I'd say that's 3.
  11. Motherwell

    It sits right behind the main stand, a guy i used to go to scotland games with took it over last year, it's a smashing big club. You need to walk right round the stadium to get to it from our end.
  12. Motherwell

    Tour of the tennents factory for me in the morning then train out to Motherwell to see my mwell supporting mates in the 100 club before the game. 3pts would be massive but even a draw keeps us in a good position for the top 6.
  13. Ref got it right

    The ball clearly hits Dicker on the shoulder. Never a penalty imo
  14. Chadwick bogs

    Rumour has it 2 Celtic fans were caught "at it" in the woman's toilets. Can anyone confirm?
  15. Scott Brown

    Aye ok broony! What would you know about world cup finals:-)

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