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  1. Ross county

    We did Asda. O'Donnell day I was deffo on Burns Bus, and in Aviemore.
  2. Ross county

    Was that the day Phil O'Donnell died, and the day of boozegate ??
  3. Ross county

    Curious to know the teams schedule for this match, assume it’s a morning Bus journey up ?
  4. Current form

    Motherwell’s position on that table is very surprising prob not helped by matches against Old Firm but ours games also include matches against them. Perhaps offers some confidence for Saturday too.
  5. 4339?

    @Mclean07 Boring. That home crowd was up on recent games pre Clark. No one will ever know how many anti MJ stay aways there were, and no one ever said there were hundreds. Frankly couldn’t give a s**t if they never all return I Know of at least 10 kids from Kilwinning who now go to all home games, these are the fans we want. And a few mates who haven’t been in years(nothing to do with MJ), who have bought half seasons. As I said every year the pre-Christmas crowds drop for many reasons, but I would say that was an increase yesterday in Home crowd. You have compared yesterday’s match to a game against Thistle where they were pushing for top six and I expect brought nearer 900. i think most sensible posters have said that bringing back crowds will be a long process. Great that with so many free tickets handed out we finally put in a performance that might entice some of those kids back.
  6. One of the funniest. Clyde player(I think) taking a corner at RP and kicked the corner flag. The flag went spinning thru the air for 20 yards and the ball about 5. Honestly had tears streaming down my face.
  7. Is Steve Clarke God?

    God is Stevie Clark. When he came here I kept getting the Monty Python scene in my head, he is not the Messiah !!!! He is a very naughty boy.
  8. 4339?

    That is another increase on the home crowd at a time of year when crowds are usually down. Good Stuff.
  9. Frank Beattie stand

    East Stand sound only came on at End of Chad interview which was a sham cause no one had a bloody clue who it was.
  10. Penalty

    Boyd scored and that put him on for a hat trick too.
  11. Thistle home Fred

    Can I just note............. http://www.killiefc.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4013-plastic-whistle-h/&do=findComment&comment=102954
  12. Plastic Whistle (H)

    It’s a home game so I have the fear, but I also feel we have the ability to give a team a doing sometime soon. Fingers crossed it’s today.
  13. Hibs (Away) 30 Dec

    Any idea when tickets for this go on sale, we are running a bus from Kilwinning, and already have around 50 names down, want to arrange tickets ?? Would like to try and get a block of tickets and need to be arranging cash collection from individuals around now, I would expect ??

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