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  1. Motherwell

    Me sadly, cant go.
  2. Neil Mccann

    He is a class A Prick
  3. Sky Sports News

    ..........now trailing the goals, on soon.
  4. Sky Sports News

    ..........now trailing the goals, on soon.
  5. Dundee match thread

    Never seen a good game on that pitch they said................... Well I rather enjoyed that tonight. Fecking Magic.
  6. Let’s be having you

    Remember the Hearts cup games in the late 80’s, on the mid week we had 14,000+ in Rugby Park, followed by a run of the mill Leauge match the following weekend, which was 1000.
  7. Let’s be having you

    Yesterday’s home crowd was up 1000 on the Hamilton cup crowd 12 moths ago. That is a decent increase. Yes we had Home crowds of 15,000 a while back but not too many, but we also had the odd crowd of below 1000 in the 80’s. That’s just the way it is with Killie. lets be positive though numbers are increasing at the moment and we should be talking that and football we are seeing up.
  8. Brora Fred

    He was a strange one, I thot he had a good game, but I also thot he plays with a very laid back style, which may not suit the pressures of the SPL. Hope I am wrong, and I trust Sir Steve.
  9. Brora Fred

    I checked Sky bet deep deep into the game and it was 63-37% in favour of Killie.
  10. Brora Fred

    Exactly what I thought would imagine Hamilton had about 150 that day. Hence as said the increase in roughly a year is 1000. And some say fans have been slow to get on board, utter nonsense.
  11. Brora Fred

    Anyone got the crowd for the Hamilton cup game last year, I think it would be a decent comparison to today’s home crowd. 3800 Home Fans was another positive from today, I suspect that may be about 1000 more than the Home cup game last season.
  12. Retro Kits.

    I couldnae fit in the hoops even back then
  13. Retro Kits.

  14. Retro Kits.

    Have a good few of these originals on the wall of my loft if I can be arsed going up I will take a photo and share it, later.
  15. Crowds (again)

    Much talk of our support recently which personally i think has shown great improvement recently despite what some on here may tell you. Reasonable increases in league games, and roughly 700 more Home fans v Celtic. We I hope are moving albeit slowly in the right direction. As a comparison tonight’s Motherwell v St. Johnstone match, drew just 3227 fans. Very confident that had we been playing similar opposition we would have comfortably beat that number. And just for the record that means by 2 Or 300 more.

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