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  1. Hearts away

    In an ideal world we would seed a new pitch but i doubt we will have time/weather for that. Hampdens past problems is a great example of how hard it can be to get turf to knit. Its going to be a huge operation to lift all the bottoming and tarmac. Saying that, Bowie is bound to know a haulage contractor who would pull out all the stops. Won't be cheap though.
  2. New Stadium Announcer

    Did anyone else see him k.o the ref in the Charlton game on saturday? Ran into the poor guy and flattened him.
  3. New Stadium Announcer

    Fair point. Who requested a coach with premiership and champ league medals?! Well done.
  4. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    That brightened up my morning!! This appoinment has fair stuck in a few craws.
  5. 150th Anniversary match

    Be great if fergie would do us a favour and assemble a man utd legends team for a game. That would certainly get a crowd in. Changed days.........a week ago we'd have been suggesting a game against talbot or something!
  6. New Stadium Announcer

    Would love to know what's happened in that boardroom over the last few weeks. Think someone has spiked the tea!!
  7. Motherwell Development Match

    Wouldn't imagine so, maybe was on that at Leeds. Be lucky to get expenses from a junior side next season if he doesn't improve. For a guy with a young child to support he doesn't seem very motivated.
  8. 150th Anniversary match

    A big German side would be great. See the fans Cologne brought to Arsenal. Someone like Dortmund would bring out fans from other clubs too so almost guaranteed a full house. Either that play Nice and make it away from home for some winter sun!
  9. 150th Anniversary match

    I'm biased as i have a soft spot for Leeds. Stems from when we played them as my old man swapped scarves with a Leeds fan. They took a great crowd to easter road a few years back for a friendly.
  10. Some buzz around the place

    Remember that game well. Aberdeen were still a big team then. I had to sit 3 to a seat all the way up there. Changed days for our supporters club!
  11. 150th Anniversary match

    Was just about to suggest Leeds.
  12. 3G Pitch

    Thats fair enough but not to the detriment of the first team.
  13. 3G Pitch

    To be honest. I dont give a stuff about kids teams, womens teams or anything else bar seeing the first team win and by playing good football. That is what i and everyone else pays to see.
  14. Hearts away

    Like most building work.......the interior fit out and snagging will drag on for ages. I'd imagine it's pretty lavish inside and as a spark.....i know that costs a load of time. Lack of seats is the tip of the iceberg.
  15. Free Transfers

    Didn't we sign Faubert outwith the windows?

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