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  1. The Wolf

    Was it not gardyne boyd said that about. Essentially it could be anyone willing and able to do his running.
  2. Ross county

    Aye the roads and railways on the day of the cup tie at caley a few years ago were chaos. Trains stopped at perth..........most of our bus had a snowball fight with the locals in kingussie on the way up. Good day out aside from the game! I'd planned to go on tuesday but can't get time off..........suppose we'll do well to take 150. Hats off to all who are travelling
  3. 4339?

    As said above......thistle support was poor today. It takes time to build the support up again.........Big turning point could be a better home crowd for the rangers game in a few weeks. I'll be topping up my season ticket to attend for the first time since i got my qts family one. If both teams current form continues it could be a great day out.
  4. Officials for Week 18 v Ross County (A) on 12/12

    Cannot possibly be worse than steven mclean.
  5. Bit parts for our home grown players?

    Love to see local lads in the side but it's a managers job to select the best 11 players for the team..........he did and we won 5-1............not sure anyone can grumble about that. Taylor has needed a rest for a while, he had little close season time off.
  6. Lee McCulloch

    Been watching the Si Ferry vids for a wee while now. The way his face lights up when someone mentions Thomas Gravesen is priceless!!! Cracking stories about him from Mcfadden and Mcgeady. Boyds and scott macdonalds are a bit dull though.
  7. Hopefully Brophy has a purple patch this month meaning Boyd can be phased out and replaced in january. He must know he's irritating most folk including us but doesn't seem to mind.
  8. Waan't that wee Paddy from the valley bus?
  9. Psychology

    Who are the conference side who have pennant, jamie o'hara and paul koncesky on their books? Their away dressing room is painted with giant sharks etc to get in the oppositions head.
  10. Jordan Jones

    Ian Wilson is probably gonna be the next one to fall foul of looking a bit ungainly.
  11. Jordan Jones

    ^^^^^^^This is the reason folk don't rate craig samson. Sure he's not a world beater but his build and the way he moves doesn't inspire confidence. No worse than other regular scottish keepers.
  12. David Templeton

    Only if we cash in on JJ. Good player and it'd weaken a rival. Stipulation of any deal should be a free kick at his old man for every season ticket sold.
  13. On my one and only visit to boghead there was supposedly a fire in the stand and the game was delayed for a while. Lost the game, honking day all round.
  14. Hurlford Juniors

    Watched darvel a few times this season and the games have been great entertainment. I don't see this move working out.......some players have already quit in protest at the manager sacking. I hope it does work for the club as it's been at deaths door for 20 odd years. Sadly i fear John Gaul is doing a Brookes Mileson.
  15. The Pitch

    Find it odd that we struggle on ours yet do ok at hamilton. Yet the dons struggle at hamilton but hav a 100% win rate on ours.

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