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  1. Home to Hibs 21st October postponed

    To be fair, in games against the likes of Accies at home we probably lose money!
  2. Better Together

    They are shameless. Keir Hardy would spin in his grave. And now they've got privately educated, Millionaire businessmen who refuse to pay he living wage running for Leadership up here. You literally couldn't make it up!
  3. Identity

    We should have got rid of RP when we had the chance.
  4. On This Day

    Telling the truth in court cost him his job but that just about sums up both men perfectly.
  5. Indy Ref Anniversary

    PS. That Scotland scarf was being sold by German street sellers in Dortmund in 2014 when we were over. Wish I'd got you one now.
  6. Indy Ref Anniversary

  7. Flo Bojaj

    I know, it was a bad move for us sacking top 3 AJ.
  8. Sevco match

    Happy Mondays at the Grand Hall on the Friday so plenty folk were hoping it wouldn't be the Friday!
  9. Indy Ref Anniversary

    You have to laugh at McLean and his pals. So proud to be British Nationalist (party) but still love a Nazi salute. Confused chaps. And that was them winning. I dread to think of how they'd react to losing. Probably like this.... Patriotic Scots indeed!!! True Patriots!!
  10. Indy Ref Anniversary

    Oh, look at McLean and his pals!
  11. Stevie Smith - whats the point?

    He's a waste of a jersey. Actually annoys me that this diddy has captained us.
  12. Line up face Dundee

    Kris Boyd or Stevie Smith should be nowhere near our starting 11. Smith is a liability and Boyd is F I N N I S H.
  13. Dons Fred

    Greer is a breath of fresh air. By far the best signing LM has made.
  14. Scottish Labour (trying) to return to their roots

    Labour need it a hell of a lot more than the SNP, especially if they've Sarwar instead. You can only dream of second place, never mind a minority government!
  15. Scottish Labour (trying) to return to their roots

    Nope, using my own opinion,. His dad was an utter c**t, he's a c**t so it's no surprise you like him. PS. Stop the hints at racism. You never liked it when you were outed as a homophobic bigot.

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