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  1. Away fans

    big daft kirky
  2. Away fans

  3. Hearts tickets

    Lower section it is then.....
  4. Motherwell

    I'd stick money on Kiltie, Mulumbu and possibly Brophy all being at least in the squad. I think Brophy looked worse than it was.
  5. Quarter Final Tickets

    Aye it does
  6. Training facilities

    So is half the land they've built houses on down that end of the town.
  7. Last Min Goals

    Aye, that was a lovely spring day! We had the shed and the fair play stand, must have had 3,000 up that day. Tannadice Street was lively after it!!!
  8. Last Min Goals

    Aye and it was in first half to go 1-0 up. We lost 3-1, Di Canio came on (debut I think) and tore us to shreds.
  9. Aberdeen cup ko time confirmed

    We've 2 50 seaters all but filled so far.....
  10. Motherwell

    That game was a real low point.
  11. So many highs

    Love that video.
  12. So many highs

  13. Quarter Final Tickets

    They are running a bus, got it confirmed yesterday.
  14. So many highs

    The bounce when we equalised at Ibrox will be hard to beat. For a multitude of reasons! Never seen a Killie support go so wild to a man. Absolute bedlam.
  15. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    it really wouldn't! We've booked for Albania in November. I don't think I'd bother with the game if that clown was boss!

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