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  1. Jags away fred

    Big difference today we had a central midfield 2 players who Tackled kept things simple and protected the back 4 why did lm never c this. Enough about the past great atmosphere today fans were great.
  2. Emergency board meeting needed

    If LM lasts until next game expect the fans will make sure he knows exactly what we think of him and his team as he's right in front of us. Might be loosing manager looses his job.
  3. Worse than Locke!

    Sadly agree time up LM. Was hoping things would get better but no evidence of a style of play or even hope things might get better. No way will LM resign as he's got a long contract question is will bowie act if not we are down. Will be interesting to hear LM excuses this week.
  4. Dundee thread

    Thought hawkshaw was the only player who looked like a midfielder Tackled well always on the move and looked to pass to a teamate and looked for the ball back. Trouble is we play a different system with different players every week. At least in the first we created some chances 2nd half was dreadful long ball hit and hope which nearly worked at the end. Massive game next week.
  5. Line up face Aberdeen

    Think we should try back 5 as Odonnell Taylor will offer more down the wings than Thomas Burke jj have so far this season. Last sat can not remember any good crosses apart from a couple from Taylor.
  6. Hamilton Accies Match Fred 26-8-17

    LM in his interview after game talked about lack of game management after we went 2 0 up but this relates to lack of investment in central midfield. Crawford ran the game in last 20 Smith couldn't get near as he was done in and is not good enough. Unless we get better quality in this week in CM the same problems are going to continue. We have plenty cover in all other areas why not the area we all agree needed sorted. Irwin and findlay improved the team fingers crossed for a commanding CM.
  7. Hearts (h) Fred 12/08

    Allot to be worried about after watching that today including news signings power broadfoot O'Donnell Burke not offering anything but my main concern today was why have we become a team that plays pub style football just play 2 big guys up front and hope the long ball tactic works!! want to hear from LM if that was his game plan. CM after watching the 2 of them last few weeks surely time to give hawkshaw anyone else a go. Very impressed with Greer just need to sort another CH to play with him with a bit of speed. Oh well someone has to beat Celtic!!
  8. tic (a) 08/08/17 (bet) fred

    Main concern has been lack of CM signings and in particular none of our signings including CH are strong in the tackle too many flair players just got to hope LM sorts this with last 2 signings. Still have confidence in LM 3 points on Sat needed.
  9. St Johnstone (H) Match Fred

    Thought we deserved a draw today need to score when on top lot of positive stuff apart from defending like pub team for 2nd goal. Pleased with signings and hoping for better season just concerned that the biggest problem with our team for 3 4 years our centre midfield has not been sorted. Dicker big miss but LM needs to sort this asap mckenzie frizz will never work. Realise LM seems against loan signings but a CM of better quality is what we need asap.
  10. Curious and Slightly Concerned

    I am quite positive about LM signings but at same time are we better than best team from last year. Is Odonnell better than hendrie is broadfoot better than Ayer and no question woodman level above Mcdonald. Burke will hopefully give us more creativity but as we all agree the biggest issue for LM will be who we have as no. 9. Also was really hoping dicker would be back CM with power could be a good partnership.
  11. Killie v Livvy

    Thought power looked good one of the only players to not give the ball away. Burke looked good first half but faded as game went on it hope we sign him. Even though it was a friendly the same main problem still exists a creative midfielder and a striker. Very concerned boyd only option but would still bet he'll score winning goal on Fri.
  12. Michael Johnston faces showdown board meeting

    ajer Hendrie jones coulibalie signed by LC 4 of 5 best players at the club this year and main reason we are all relaxed tonight. Agree some of the others were waste of time money but compare them to the dross under Locke and AJ. players win games not managers and without these 4 we would be in trouble. LC deserves credit for these players will b interesting to c if new manager can match this quality.
  13. Dundee game

    Next 2 games really looking for Boydie to have a major influence. Last 4 games he has not had many chances but hope expect that to change today. CM main issues while Smith improves us defensively main issue last week was keeping the ball until kiltie came on that improved but can he play 90. Same performance as against them earlier in the season and Jones should cause hateley plenty probs as he's slow at RB.
  14. Hearts Match Thread

    Mckenzie said on frI he'll be back in 2 weeks same as Scott boyd. Biggest decision for mcculloch is where does he play our best player dicker. CH to try and keep clean sheets or CM to try and create CHANCES????? Could be defining decision of season????
  15. Well (H) Fred

    The problem we have had for a while at home when we are playing a team that we should to be beating is that of the front 6 only one player dicker can actually pass a ball and look comfortable in possession i.e. Pass move so we can never really build pressure on teams. Away from home the 4 5 1 system is fine like last week and hopefully next week. Could not understand why mcculloch did not go 442 earlier as the worst past of their team was the back 3. 442 was the system we played against a back 3 at Dundee and we should have changed to that asap in the 2nd half when they changed their tactics. Difficult to blame the manager as he's only learning!!

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