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  1. George Green

    Great article, glad that he is doing well at the moment.
  2. Celebrity Deaths 2018

    Roy Bentley, 93, Footballer, Chelsea and England, last surviving member of England's 1950 World Cup squad.
  3. Bobby Houston

    I think it was Bobby Street and I remember that Sandy Jardine missed a penalty.
  4. WTF !

    I ended up going into the city center and joining the motorway at Anderston.
  5. Bobby Houston

    Scored against Rangers in a 2-1 win in 79.
  6. Jump In Your Delorean - You Have A Mission

    And when they laugh in your face and ask you "How the f*** is that gonnae happen?" you draw them in closer and whisper in their ear three little words Sir Steve Clarke
  7. Accies home, Fred

    The ultimate professional!
  8. Boyd

    3 Killie players in the top 4 post war goal scorers. Not bad.
  9. The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same!

    I thought it was Rugby Park too. Can anyone identify the other Killie player in the pic?
  10. The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same!

    Another great pic courtesy of @scotsfootycards on twitter
  11. Just goes to show, the media getting Kilmarnock players names wrong is not a new thing!
  12. Form table

    And a few cup finals thrown in for good measure!
  13. gers away, Fred

  14. Tom Smith

    Nice little article from the Cumnock Chronicle about the only Kilmarnock player to captain an FA Cup winning side. AS the Chronicle-backed campaign to save the name of Glenbuck moves up a gear, we look at the village’s football connection. Bill Shankly was undoubtedly the most famous Glenbuck resident who played senior football, the list of names is quite extensive as our left-hand column shows. Tom Smith, originally brought up and educated in Cumnock, was one such player who enjoyed fame and fortune as captain of the Preston North End side which won the FA Cup in 1938. Completing the Glenbuck connection was team-mate Bill Shankly, while two other Ayrshire men, Bobby Beattie and Bud Maxwell, played in the same winning side. Mr Smith’s grandson came into our reporter’s surgery in Cumnock Town Hall along with his wife Margaret, armed with lots of information. This year is a poignant one for the family as it is the 80th anniversary of the match. Margaret said: “Amazingly Tom is only one of 10 Scots to captain a winning side in the FA Cup — the others include Billy Bremner of Leeds and Arsenal’s Frank McLintock. “Glenbuck has such a history and background of famous footballers. The name must be kept alive as it is such a big part of football history. “Tom first played for a juvenile team called Townhead Thistle before joining Kilmarnock in 1927 and winning a Scottish Cup medal with them in 1932. “He left Killie in 1936 and joined Preston North End, but was dropped from the team when they played Sunderland in the 1937 final. “But he made up for it by not only returning to the team in time for the 1938 final, he was Preston’s captain when they beat Huddersfield 1-0.” Shanks’ story is legendary as he went on to manage the team before becoming one of the most successful gaffers in Liverpool’s history. “At one time not only East Ayrshire, but Scotland itself, provided rich pickings for Scottish and English senior teams, but sadly no more,”added Margaret. Fellow Scots who led their teams to FA Cup glory included Martin Buchan (Man Utd), Dave Mackay (Spurs) and Bobby Kerr (Sunderland) http://www.cumnockchronicle.com/news/16089236.glenbuck-created-legends-in-the-world-of-football/
  15. "Crazy goalie kits of the 1990s"

    You missed out Ally Mauchlen between Eadie and Clark.

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