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  1. Cup Draw Brora (H)

    A good game for Boydy to try and get up a few rungs the highest goalscorer ladder.
  2. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Start singing it? It namechecks Eddie Morrison ffs!
  3. Jimmy Osmond

    I see Jimmy Osmond is doing a concert at the Grand Hall on 13th February, It would be a good bit of PR for the club to get him over to the stadium for a few photos. I wonder if he is aware of his sisters connection with the club and town?
  4. Green isn't a colour that suits you McCall

    You were probably right the first time. Maaddona being a transvestite Madonna tribute act from Bratislava
  5. Message for Jordon

    I see Manchester United are coming up for the switching on of the new floodlights. Am no goin', it's just their youth team that they're sending up.
  6. Front and back page, it seems. Cant wait to read it and see the reaction of the Ipox faithful.
  7. Message for Jordon

    OMG Bobby Kennedy has been shot! Sorry, it was the other one.
  8. Message for Jordon

    Looks like Queen is going to the Palace!
  9. Steven Naismith

    Could have been worse, he could have croaked "rayn jarvs us bak"
  10. Steven Naismith

    There have been plenty of posters on here telling us it was a done deal he was coming to Killie.
  11. Assistant Managers

    The trainer was similar to a physio. Our most famous was Hugh Allan, he did it for about 30 years and was also the Scotland trainer as well for most of that time.
  12. Assistant Managers

    Who were the Assistants to the following managers? Walter MacRae Willie Fernie Davie Sneddon Jim Clunie Eddie Morrison
  13. Footballers from the outlying towns with a link to Kilmarnock

    Tommy Lawrence the Liverpool goalkeeper has died. He was born in Ayrshire but grew up in Lancashire.
  14. Footballers from the outlying towns with a link to Kilmarnock

    Tom Smith Andy Kerr Bertie Black All from Cumnock area
  15. Footballers from the outlying towns with a link to Kilmarnock

    I knew a couple of people from Girvan who went to school with him.

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