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  1. Car Mechanical Advice

    Start jogging. Save £s and the planet.
  2. Car Mechanical Advice

    Yep- clearly been sitting doing feck all for ages. Every car will do this- normally see this after my holidays. Should ease off without need for a new zone valve. Mii is decent- does a job and most have some cool gadgets. I don't think you should buy any car though as in my head you seem to be more like a cyclist, jogger or public transport kinda guy. Good luck with the purchase anyway.
  3. Golf / Golferists / Golfing / Gowf

    That's £25 a round if you play once a week. Defo not an attractive option for those with busy jobs / social lives. Would jump at it if I had time for 2 or 3 games a week though. Great setup there.
  4. JJ

    That's a tad unfair. If we were to sign 15 players a year and get £1m of sales revenue from them once annually, while scraping by in the league, I would have to consider that a successful business model. Not great for the fans, I grant you, but within a couple of years, the books would be balanced and would secure the club's financial position for years to come.
  5. Golf / Golferists / Golfing / Gowf

    Could you check out the joining fee mate?
  6. Golf / Golferists / Golfing / Gowf

    Aye Meddans is £80 whereas Welbeck is £150. The former has a waiting list and despite asking a lot of different people, no one has been able to answer as to why there's such a huge difference in price. I think Welbeck may have a bit of the clubhouse to themselves but may be wrong. Also I think Welbeck also have some blocked off weekend tee times but I need to confirm this. I really like Bogside- a tricky short wee course with some cool holes. But I'm exactly the same as you- completely put off by the crazy joining fee. Plus- fairway mats during the winter is a complete joke.
  7. Golf / Golferists / Golfing / Gowf

    Good point. I could, for example, join Annanhill GC for £125, play in 3 medal rounds a year to keep my CDH (Handicap) active, then play in an Open every single weekend. Some of the prices for these are crazy (Loudoun £10, for example). That means you could play all through the summer and then, if inclined, take out a winter links membership at Troon Munis for peanuts. Beyond that, through the Teeofftimes website, there are regular cheap tee times during the week. However, the thing that a membership gives you is the flexibility to rock up and play at the last minute, with no organisation. Also, you generally build up a good few friends and can enjoy a bit of banter. The club competitions have to be attractive to you, and, personally, I love the matchplay competitions that run annually.
  8. Golf / Golferists / Golfing / Gowf

    Yet to play Rowallan but it's in a nice setting and the pro is really good. Know what you mean about Troon Muni dog walkers. Small price to pay for year-round golf, plus getting the Troon courses in addition to Belleisle and others is a crazy deal at £415. PM me if you decide to move to a Troon club. Would gladly join Dundonald or Irvine Gailes but couldn't justify the price as a full-time worker. Maybe when I retire and have more time on my hands! Other links options includes Irvine and Prestwick St Nicks but I know they have heavy winter protection in place- so what's the point in joining?!?! That leaves the likes of Barassie (love it there but reckon joining fees will be crazy) or Prestwick / Royal Troon which would be reserved for royalty. Squirrelhumper- never played West Kilbride. Looks great- but a wee bit far away from Killie.
  9. Golf / Golferists / Golfing / Gowf

    Well that's a forum two ball then! Think some of those who played haven't made their way over to the new forum. What ever happened to Killie Computers (Jim)? He was a nice fella and signed me on to Royal Caprington.
  10. Used to be lots of weekend hackers on the old forum, including myself. Time for a thread. Who still plays from on here? Where do you have a membership? I've been at East Renfrewshire GC for a while, but thinking about joining a club attached to the Troon Munis as I still want a game during the winter on full fairways/greens.
  11. JJ

    He's going to the Championship for 400k, with a 50% sell on fee. He'll be sold to Liverpool in 2 years for £18m and Killie will use the money to give Steve Clarke a 10 year contract and buy a league-winning side. Can't believe some people on here can't see this.
  12. Rangers thread

    Happy birthday Samo.
  13. Killie 1 Motherwell 0 16/12/17

    Wasn't a classic but it was encouraging to see Killie grind out a win against a physical 'Well side. We'd have lost that match last season, no doubt. Absolutely nothing to fear next week- we should be looking at taking something from the match. MoM was MacDonald- he made 3 quality saves and commanded his box quite well. Much improved performances from Kris Boyd recently. Great to have Kiltie back too. Dicker had quite a poor game, for me but nothing fell for him either. Onwards and upwards!
  14. Bring a gift - Motherwell game

    Mrs V has sorted out a couple of gifts. Hope we manage to gather in loads. I work with vulnerable kids and their families and some of the generosity of Killie folk this year has been completely inspiring. The Masonic in Killie had collected hundreds of gifts, as have various businesses in the town. A lot of people don't actually understand that there will be many kids waking up on Xmas morning to no presents. Poverty in the town is definitely growing. So, stop by Tesco on your way to Rugby Park and get a couple of selection boxes or modest toys- it WILL make a huge difference.
  15. Sébastien Bassong

    He was absolutely slaughtered by the majority after he left.

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