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  1. Celebrity Deaths 2018

    I 'won' it the year Terry Wogan died. Felt bloody awful and haven't 'played' since.
  2. Celebrity Deaths 2018

    I'll never look at an inflatable burger the same way again
  3. Celebrity Deaths 2018

    The next time you're in the supermarket and you hear the beep...
  4. A Thing of Beauty ...

    SOD. Brilliant season for him.
  5. Ten Song Game

    10. Caught in the crowd- Kate Miller Heidke New topic: The Steve Clarke revolution. 1. You Win Again- Bee Gees
  6. Penalty Shoot Outs

    Robin Shroot? Kiote also played in that tourney. Dayton made his debut and Medhi was a class above at times. Think it was against Biddeford when there was a lonely soul the other side of the park from most fans cranking out 'Ayr, Ayr, f**k your Ayr'. Taking the cause to North Devon- impressive level of hatred!
  7. Dons match fred

    4 subs???
  8. Tickets for Tuesday

    We had 24000 at the reserve game where Steve Baidoo and Sammy Adeje (sp?) played. Tonigh should be a cracker. Hope we make a good account of ourselves. Can see a really nervy affair ahead.
  9. Crowd

    The matter of crowds, in my opinion, is quite a simple thing. Why do we get over 10k people going to cup finals? Simply, because it has the potential for 'glory' or a significant victory. Put it another way, what would our home crowd be for a home match against Celtic/Rangers if we knew before the match that we were going to win? Bigger than normal, I'm sure. I watched the highlights of West Ham this morning, with fans running on the pitch, en masse demonstrations inside the ground and folk generally acting like idiots. No way would this have happened if West Ham were winning the match- it's the results which drive supporter behaviour, including whether they attend matches or not. Results have obviously improved dramatically at Killie recently. There has been a rise in attendances, and my contention is that even if we've 'only' gained a few hundred extra regular supporters (i.e. people now back every game as PATG customers), if we were languishing at the bottom of the table, we would have lost this amount at least off the crowd. You're going to see a superb crowd at RP on Tuesday. People have to choose when and where they spend their £20. What would you pick- Rossco or a Quarter Final? Seems quite a simple choice to me. And that's what it is- a choice; for those who cannot afford to keep doling out £20 every 3 days, and for those who just don't want to spend £60 in a week for match tickets. The proof of the Steve Clarke pudding with regards to crowds will be, in my opinion, seen not in the increase of walk-up fans on a Saturday afternoon between now and the end of the season, but those lapsed fans who now want to invest their time and money watching Killie every two weeks and decide to buy a season ticket. I think a healthy rise of 500-1000 fans in the summer would be a great achievement and something to build on. That's why I think it's crazy the club aren't bringing out a ST now, to cover between now and the end of next season. The current momentum is an absolute goldmine for anyone with business sense. So, you have the sensible debate above, whereby I argue that just because we don't have 7,000 people paying at the gates against Ross County, that it doesn't indicate a disaster, or- and I love this narrative from some posters- that SUR STEEEVE CLARK ISNAE GETTIN THE BACKIN HE DESERVES AND HE'LL BE PURE RAGIN AND WILL LEEVE US. Hold fire til the summer, get a few extra hundred STs sold and build on it. However, some people won't want to think in terms of slowly, slowly, and patiently picking the club off its knees and giving the community something to back in the long term. Instead we have the "You said that with MJ gone, we'd get a million fans" vs "You don't go to away games" personal bulls**t that at best, adds very little to what should be an exciting, collaborative, united conversation of how everyone can build on the team's excellent form, and at worst, discourages people from wanting to be associated with any collective effort.
  10. KILLIE V DONS Replay

    Last Ayr game was a farce. Guaranteed people will sit where they want, which causes others to sit elsewhere and so forth. This causes groups of people refusing to be split up and standing in the walkways. Club would do well to make a few announcements to ensure that people sit in their allocated seats or just have a free-for-all. Will be getting there early.
  11. Semi final venues

    Blair Park or Scott Ellis
  12. Killie 2 Hibs 2 24/02/18

    Taylor. Superb showing. He's a really consistent performer for a young lad and great to see him lift his performance today beyond his normal solid self.
  13. Scottish Cup Draw 11-2-18 Aberdeen away

    Sake! Let's pack the place and absolutely do these pricks.
  14. Brora Fred

    I was thinking more Blanca from Streetfighter.
  15. Aaron Tshibola

    Oh FFS- what did you and others do about it? Edit: in fact, if you didn't do anything about it then, it's not too late. Could you identify the person?

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