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  1. Motherwell v Killie Extended Highlights

    BBC has a track record of "selective" editing. (for clarity, all editing is selective by nature, but should be a fair reflection of reality)
  2. Let’s be having you

    https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/competitions/premiership/scottish-football-attendances-highest-in-europe-based-on-population-1-4662193/amp A link (hope it works) to recent figures that show Scotland to have the highest attendance per head of population in Europe.
  3. Mulumbu

    The Daily Mail is a poor source of information. The only reliable thing they've printed recently was the date on the front page. Still hope it's true though, of course.
  4. The best ever?

    Tommy Burns used to run the show, week in week out. Pure class.
  5. Support.

    Missed it because of work and the early kick off time. Have a valid season for all home league games too. Pity. Delighted with the result anyway and just spent an hour reading everything I could see posted about it to catch up.
  6. Scottish Cup Draw RossCo (H)

    Had one of these 'famous' Forfar bridies at the game last time we were there (Jim Fleeting days). Dry, overcooked and tasteless. I hope they've improved since then.
  7. Rossco thread

    I felt he was ineffectual last week and should have been hooked at half time for Dom. So I for one can see the logic.
  8. 3G Pitch

    If or when we go back to grass, is it still a rule that we have under soil heating?
  9. Kirk Broadfoot

    Just a word of caution regarding the argument that a group of people who refer to themselves as "Tims" can't take other people calling them that as offensive. It's whether it's perceived and understood to be an offensive term by the receiver that is the measure. For example: There are plenty of black people who call each other "******" as a term of social inclusion. Best not to have a shot of that if you are as white as me. We're all grown up and know when we are being a bit naughty. Banter is fun but we should not stoop to the lowest common denominator.
  10. Andy Millen

    Well, thankfully my exclusive panned out as it seemed to turn into quite a hot topic. I could have looked a bit foolish. Mortons youth team is pretty good by all accounts so let's hope he continues where he left off.
  11. Andy Millen

    Heard Andy Millen is coming from his youth coaching role at Morton to do the same at Rugby Park.
  12. Killie Fans

    I was (as usual) in the East Stand yesterday. I didn't hear anyone shouting abuse at our players or manager. The ref got a few choice comments (not always justified but I understand the "blue tinted glasses" effect). The only time there was booing was to bookmark refereeing decisions. Oh, and at full time, just for a few seconds. Maybe the OP should come to the cramped seats and sit with us. I agree, as most fair minded fans ( I like to think I am in that group) don't shout abuse at our own players, that it serves no purpose other than to relieve the stress of the person doing the shouting. I can't think that the player says to himself "Oh, I had better try harder, that guy has a point"
  13. Well (H) Fred

    Wouldn't read anything into that other than Gary is a Killie fan and watches us regularly.
  14. Johnston Gone By April

    I'd rather see loop charts and Pie holes.
  15. Al Ahly bid for Coulibaly?

    All about the timing and context in relation to the previous post. BTW, never read through the previous 10 pages before posting so lets say "great minds think alike". All the best mate, KTID!

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