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  1. New refurbished shop - Same old story

    I know it sounds petty and shop has just opened but it's the same every year with regards running out of not having stock whether it's a new strip being released or an open day. It wasn't a problem with suppliers, they just hadn't ordered any in. Not knowing squad numbers yet etc! It's about £15 to get tops printed, most people do it so lost revenue. Had issues trying to get season tickets online and told lots of people having same issue! They are running a business, need as much money as they can get but lose and fail to capitalise on things. I know there are far more important issues facing the club but do the basics right also.
  2. New refurbished shop - Same old story

    Silly me thought might be a bit better organised, the wee man is the future fans to keep club going so don't have them leaving the shop disappointed! Had issues getting season tickets renewed also. All in all not a good day in the clubs processes! In saying that staff always helpful!
  3. Season ticket renewal

    Had issues getting season tickets online so had to go in to do it. The girl even struggled but got them now. They need to really sort the basics out do we can move forward with the club and leave the shambles behind! This coupled with lack of stock in the shop led to a frustrating day. Spending £700 between season tickets and kit but left feeling frustrated at service received!
  4. Took my son into get new home kit today, he was all excited then the usual happens! No squad numbers yet so can't add favourite player to it ! So decided to get own surname and number 11, can't get that either as they don't have any number 1's!. New shop opens but they don't have the basics. Left shop with a disappointed 10 Year old!
  5. Family section season tickets

    I was under the impression that when I bought my family season ticket last year it was a bit cheaper as QTS had subsidised it and maybe this year they haven't?

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